BOSS AXIS present BRIDGE A DIVIDE (The Remixes)

BOSS AXIS present BRIDGE A DIVIDE (The Remixes)After their debut release on Black Hole Recordings with a remix for Moonbeam’s ‘Madness’ in May 2013, Boss Axis – one of the most upcoming EDM duos in Germany – return on solid German label Parquet Recordings with a rather special selection of goodies to make your mouth water. With staggering 19 brand new remixes of their debut album ‘Bridge A Divide’ released back in December last year, Marcel Florschütz and Thomas Knoll present a unique package of talents like Solee, Moonbeam, Alle Farben, Ryan Davis, Joachim Pastor, Rainer Weichhold, Peer Kusiv, Nico Pusch and many more to emphasize their work again with a huge international remixers line-up. Close your eyes, a new world is born with bridging a divide.

“With the remix-album we were able to show not only club-oriented sounds, but also spherical innovations with a fusion of great international artist support.”

Melodic and groovy – that’s the distinguished sound of the two Thuringians from Germany as in 2008 they decided to have a share in the electronic music scene. Their sound features warmth, pressure and especially harmony, on what they emphasize in particular. Their attention to detail is obvious. Recently, they were titled “ministers of melody”. The review about their latest album released in December entitled “Bridge a divide” is a splendid performances of Boss Axis like fireworks of euphoric moments.

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Richie Hawtin and ENTER. return to Ibiza

Richie Hawtin and ENTER.  return to IbizaENTER. announces its return to Ibiza and reveals a tantalizing line-up of guests for the official pre-party, ENTER.Sake, including Disclosure, Luciano, Maya Jane Coles, Jamie Jones, Nina Kraviz, Paco Osuna, Eats Everything, Damian Lazarus and three performances from Richie Hawtin

RICHIE HAWTIN and his visionary club concept ENTER. are set to return to Ibiza this year, once again taking up a weekly Thursday night residency at the award-winning club Space. Music, Sake and Technology blend seamlessly together at ENTER. to create a club EXPERIENCE like no other.

Last summer heralded the arrival of Ibiza’s first true sake experience bar, ENTER.Sake, an idea first dreamed up by Hawtin in Japan, which came to life in Playa d’en Bossa. Bringing together his love of Japan and Japanese culture coupled with a deep appreciation for the age-old Japanese drink sake, Hawtin created ENTER.Sake to enable guests to experience intimate performances from many of the leading names in electronic music, whilst discovering and indulging in sake, something which soon proved to be one of the main highlights of the season. 

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Loopmasters present Audiojack and Bass House & Garage

Loopmasters present Audiojack and Bass House & GarageLoopmasters proudly welcome James Rial and Richard Burkinshaw AKA Audiojack to our artist roster with a hot collection of Deep Grooving House samples for producers worldwide looking for Funky, Melodic Deep House inspiration to write their next club classic.

Loopmasters officially launched early in 2003 with the aim of producing flexible sample libraries for producers and musicians who required top quality playing from seasoned professionals to integrate into and inspire their music. From its inception, the company marched in sync with the sudden explosion of popularity of the computer-based DAWs like Steinberg Cubase, Apple Logic, Propellerheads Reason or Ableton Live, to name a few. Loopmasters populated the market of pro-quality sound design and was among the first to release samples from renowned performers, producers and DJs such as Deadmau5, Re-Zone, Coldcut, Full Cycle, Mad Professor, Meat Katie, Santé, Dom Kane, Marshall Jefferson, Steve Mac and many dance music icons. For the past 10 years, Loopmasters have provided customers with the best and cutting edge samples and music software that money can buy… and the beat goes on!..

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Markus Schulz presents a Ministry of Sound 6 hour solo set

Markus Schulz presents a Ministry of Sound 6 hour solo setWhilst many in principle are able to execute a Ministry of Sound solo set, only our beloved international resident has the pedigree to rock it all night. For an unprecedented fourth occasion, this is the one Gallery event which attracts trance and progressive aficionados from all four corners of the globe. An unrivalled familiarity with The Gallery controls, meaning Markus is able to elevate his ‘unicorn slaying’ synths to a level afforded by no other venue. From the very first beat in the Box, expect the rowdy atmosphere on which The Gallery is famed – sustained over six hours of intense Markus magic. Are you ready?

If not, then this latest mix from Markus is perfect to mentally prepare. A retrospective look at the best of ‘Global DJ Broadcast’ over the past few months, it’s a good bet that most of these belters will be played on Friday.

A fan video from Schulz’s previous visit in December. Although six months on, the memory is still vivid for those lucky enough to attend. The track being his very own ‘Love Rain Down,’ it’s a very good omen for Friday’s six hour set

OFF Festival Katowice 2013: Rediscover Music With Us!

OFF Festival Katowice 2013: Rediscover Music With Us!Cloud Nothings, Glass Animals, Fire!, Dope Body, Rudy Zygadlo… Friends of the festival know that the OFF lineup isn’t all big stars and filler bands; it’s a unique opportunity to discover excellent new music. From hipster r’n’b to gloomy hippie metal to chaotic noisepunk: OFF has it all!

Cloud Nothings
Released last year on Carpark Records, Attack on Memory catapulted Dylan Baldi’s Cloud Nothings from his parents’ Cleveland basement onto the major league indie rock scene. In a rare example of unanimity, both Pitchfork and Rolling Stone put the Steve Albini-produced album on their 2012 end-of-year lists. It’s hard not to be swayed by their furious yet melancholy – and simply good – songs. Their new material is said to be more aggressive, but we’ll have to wait until the festival to find out for sure.

The Skull Defekts feat. Daniel Higgs
Although founded not so long ago, in 2005, The Skull Defekts from Sweden have already earned a cult following and are being called Scandinavia’s The Ex or even Sonic Youth. And while the band may share its punk roots with the latter, they recognize no stylistic boundaries. They’re coming to the OFF Festival with new material off of their 2011 record Peer Amid (Thrill Jockey), and will be playing with underground prophet Daniel Higgs on the microphone. Their joint performance will be followed by a solo show by Higgs.

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Henke Wermelin and The Nightshift present The New Black is Blue

Henke Wermelin and The Nightshift present The New Black is BlueHENKE WERMELIN & THE NIGHTSHIFT from Gothenburg, Sweden make their debut with the album The New Black Is Blue – a cavalcade of warm pop gems and fierce battle songs.

„The day after the right wing party won the swedish election  I sat with my guitar and was gonna record a fight song to put on Facebook for my friends – and that was the start for Eat Your Money“ Wermelin explains. The title of the song is taken from this Eat Your Money.

„I think it’s fascinating, not to say funny, how 50% of the  people vote for a politic that concerns itself with making priviliges for a minority according to the principle of the majority having less. It’s like believing that everyone can win  in a pyramid game“ says Wermelin.

In the beginning of the new milennium Wermelin moved from Sundsvall in the north of Sweden to Gothenburg in the south.

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CeCe Rogers & Sugarstarr – Right Now

CeCe Rogers & Sugarstarr - Right Now

Legendary CeCe Rogers is back and once again in collaboration with Sugarstarr, the one half of the producer-duo Syke’n’Sugarstarr.
After „No Love Lost“ and „I Believe“ it’s „Right Now“ coming up big way with CeCe’s incomparable voice and a hook that straightly stucks in the listener’s head.

Beside the SESA peaktime mix there’s a massive DJ Kone & Marc Palacios treatment that will destroy floors for everyone who’s in love with funky driven Housemusic.

CeCe Rogers, born Kenneth Jesse Rogers III, is an American singer, musician, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer from Cleveland, Ohio.

He was given the nickname CeCe by James Brown, who watched him performing at 11 years of age, imitating Chubby Checker.[1] He is considered one of the most popular male vocalists in house music. In 1987, CeCe recorded the track „Someday“ in collaboration with Marshall Jefferson, to this day, the song is seen as an anthem in the genre of house music, having been rated number 3 in MixMags‘s 100 Greatest Singles of All Time.

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Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds join the EXIT Festival Line Up

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds join the EXIT Festival Line UpThe undisputed king of alternative rock, Nick Cave, checks in again at EXIT Festival to the sheer joy of his fan army who witnessed the glorious return of the Bad Seeds with their 2013 comeback album „Push The Sky Away„!  Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds are one of the most important pillars of the rock scene over the past 30 years.

Nick’s performance with Grinderman (Cave, Casey, Ellis & Sclavunos) at EXIT 2011 remains legendary as one of the most explosive performances on the Main Stage of all time. 

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Marc Houle reveals new band project „La Folie“

Marc Houle reveals new band project "La Folie"La Folie will debut their nocturnal synth pop at Berlin’s Berghain Kantine on Wednesday June 5, 2013. A decade of musicianship, a diary full of heartbreak, and a chance encounter in Berlin preceded the birth of this project from Marc Houle and Joaquim dos Santos

In both name and mood, the band look to ‘la folie’, the French phrase that describes the madness of love when one is madly in love. Theirs is a powerful type of pop music juxtaposition, made for uneasy easy listening. Joaquim and new live member Clelia Cantoro become stylized synth-pop automatons as their voices blend, echo and confront each other, while Marc draws lush shades of light and shadows from his orchestra of synthesizers.

La Folie’s lyrical themes are universal, but the band has mostly existed as a secret project. La Folie began when Marc and Joaquim met through mutual friends and a mutual love of music ten years ago in Windsor, Canada. Fueled by Marc’s affinity for production and Joaquim’s anti-love songs, the two amassed a store of secret recordings that they crafted just for themselves.

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BOBINA presents SAME DIFFERENCETwo years ago, with ‘Rocket Ride’, his third artist album, electronic music cosmonaut Bobina shot his sound space-bound… Now, in the year 2013, the Russian Grand Master returns to deliver what he terms “a continuation album” and “a sequel in all but name”. Drawing on a spacious range of influences, styles and inspirations – both pre-and-post millennial – ‘Same Difference’ beams its epic sonics out from the heavens. With a dance planet firmly in its crosshairs, and an accomplished vocal and co-production crew on board (Susana, Betsie Larkin, Ana Criado and Andrew Rayel among them), Bobina’s pan-galactic, retro-futuristic EDMission continues… 

Intergalactic…. ‘Same Difference’s journey begins in a sea of trance tranquillity with its title track. Casting a knowing, timely glance in the direction of Isla Baleares, its subtly thrummed 70s guitar-ism twinned with its Med-trance wrap, cede to a once-heard/never-forgotten drop. Throwing the album into warp-drive, ‘Sacramentum’ finds Bobina studio-side with Moldova’s Andew Rayel. A euphoric Ying to the harmonic Yang of ‘Rocket Ride’ fan-fave ‘Lamento Sentimental’, its pianoforte symphonica, choral vocal midsection and ebullient conclusion set the album ablaze.

Other dimensions… Further in, audio like ‘Quattro 372’ and ‘Miami Echoes’ orbits further around the electronic music sphere, building House, Progressive House and occasional electro elements into the album. Putting the ‘stellar’ in interstellar, ‘The Space Track’ furiously grinds and distorts, stabbing its tech keys, while Bobina’s runs the mod-wheel hard to secure its climactic chain reaction moment.

“As my career has progressed, vocals in my music have become more and more key. In the studio the human voice is now every bit as inspiring to me as the synthesizer. I think on ‘Same Difference’ they’ve been used as never before.” – Bobina

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