We are one Festival 2013

We are one FestivalOn July 6th the enigmatic, atmospheric, Renaissance-era surroundings of the city’s famed Zitadelle Spandau will swell to the sound of the very best in new, cutting-edge electronic music.

In 2010, as part of the celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Paul van Dyk staged the We Are One event. Three years on, Paul has set in motion a return for We Are One. Moving from arena to festival grade, 2013 will see the event take place in the striking, history-rich setting of Berlin’s Zitadelle Spandau.

Playing alongside Paul throughout the day and night will be a host of the world’s most gifted electronic sound designers.

Nick Bracegirdle’s ensemble outfit, Chicane Live, has been holding arena audiences all over the world in his thrall. On July 6th, he will be taking to the We Are One stage with a captivating live performance that will include the debut of Paul & Chicane’s first studio recording together.

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The Prodigy are coming to Terraneo Festival 2013!

The Prodigy are coming to Terraneo Festival 2013!Terraneo is proud to announce The Prodigy will join the line up to shake the whole of Sibenik and make everyone dance with their signature high energy show. 

Being one of the leading names in the history of electronic dance music The Prodigy have continued to reinvent themselves and have sold over 25 million albums throughout their career and won numerous awards; including two Brit Awards, three MTV Video Music Awards, five MTV Europe Music Awards, two Kerrang! Awards and two Grammy nominations. Nineteen released singles, many of which have stormed up the world music charts and club podiums, including „Charly“, „Out of Space“, „Smack My Bitch Up“, „Voodoo People“, „No Good (Start the Dance)“, „Breathe“, „Firestarter“ etc. They have also released a total of five studio albums and two compilations. Their live shows never disappoint, jam packed with all your favourite tracks and bursting with energy. 

„We are very excited that The Prodigy are finally coming to Terraneo. We’re looking forward to this legendary band’s performance, as yet unseen in Sibenik“, said festival spokesman Luka Pavic.

The Red Bull Music Academy Project will also be joining the festival again and moving to the open air Aero Stage. The programming will be under the artistic direction of renowned DJ and promoters Eddy Ramich, and artists will be revealed in the next announcement in June.

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OFF Festival Katowice 2013: From Solange to Fucked Up

OFF Festival Katowice 2013: From Solange to Fucked UpDreamlike singers, hardcore emissions, electronic trances, psychedelic wipeouts, and… the one and only Zbigniew Wodecki. Everything is possible at OFF. Here’s the next batch of artists that will perform at this year’s festival – hold on tight!

It’s no wonder that she’s often compared to her older sister, some even call her – without a hint of malice ? the „Beyoncé of indie music“, but you just need to open your eyes and ears to understand the Solange is a mature and independent artist. After two good LPs released by Interscope, she dazzled both critics and audiences with her EP called True, produced by Dev Hynes (who co-authored multiple songs with the likes of Florence and the Machine and The Chemical Brothers) and released under Terrible Records, a record label established by Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor. It’s pop music, with clear references to the sounds of the 80s, but with its own distinct personality and quality. Join us in dancing to the beat!

Zbigniew Wodecki with Mitch & Mitch Orchestra and Choir
At this year’s OFF Festival, the one, the only, the legendary Zbigniew Wodecki himself will perform his iconic 1976 debut album – called Zbigniew Wodecki, of course. The titan of local venues scattered along the Vistula will be joined on stage by Mitch&Mitch, the most foreign band to ever form in Poland, whose members are hard at work making the music sound exactly as it did on the album, but better. For this special occasion an organist, a string quartet, and a two-person choir will be added to the Mitch&Mitch roster which already boasts nine members. That already tells you that they will be performing at the festival’s biggest stage, as no other venue would accommodate that kind of ensemble.

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Marc Houle reveals new band project „La Folie“

Marc Houle reveals new band project "La Folie"La Folie will debut their nocturnal synth pop at Berlin’s Berghain Kantine on Wednesday June 5, 2013. A decade of musicianship, a diary full of heartbreak, and a chance encounter in Berlin preceded the birth of this project from Marc Houle and Joaquim dos Santos

In both name and mood, the band look to ‘la folie’, the French phrase that describes the madness of love when one is madly in love. Theirs is a powerful type of pop music juxtaposition, made for uneasy easy listening. Joaquim and new live member Clelia Cantoro become stylized synth-pop automatons as their voices blend, echo and confront each other, while Marc draws lush shades of light and shadows from his orchestra of synthesizers.

La Folie’s lyrical themes are universal, but the band has mostly existed as a secret project. La Folie began when Marc and Joaquim met through mutual friends and a mutual love of music ten years ago in Windsor, Canada. Fueled by Marc’s affinity for production and Joaquim’s anti-love songs, the two amassed a store of secret recordings that they crafted just for themselves.

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THE BEST SUMMER FESTIVALS - TIME TO CHOOSEFestival season is so close you can almost taste it. But with so many amazing events to choose from, the decision of which one to go to is often the most difficult of all. As the countdown to summer begins, we’re looking to Europe for our festival fix. With a startling array of new and unique alternatives for festivalgoers, many of which offer guaranteed sunshine in awe-inspiring festival locations, it’s no wonder more of us will take the leap and try something new this year. So…where to? Time to tick off those boxes and figure out what’s most important to you.


A field is a field, no matter where you go. Fact. So if you’re tired of seeing the same green fields and muddy grounds then perhaps it’s time to opt for a festival with real visual impact and a location that’s guaranteed to take your breath away. Why not try…


Electro pop from Northern Sweden: THE KOO KOOS release debut single!

Electro pop from Northern Sweden: THE KOO KOOS release debut single!One sugar chocked Hello Kitty, one My Little Pony with manufacturing defectives and one Sleeping Beauty waking up on the wrong side. That’s how Umeå, Sweden, based The Koo Koos likes to describe themselves. This colourful trio is about to release their first album – „Love And Pain“ – on May 18th. They make music about what’s important in life: love and pain.  

Obviously they have their own manifest: „We like big gestures and everything that’s too much. We’re always in your face. We don’t conform. We’re the noisy and borderless teenager. We’re the spectacle you’d like to unleash. We give it all. And we love it.“

The album „Love and Pain“ is recorded by The Koo Koos in their own studio, but was mixed and mastered by Pell Henricsson at the Tonteknik Studios in Umeå.  The album is released on the band’s own label Lucky Star Music.

The first single, „Love and Pain“ is released worldwide!

OFF Festival Katowice 2013: Musical Experiments by Stephen O’Malley

OFF Festival Katowice 2013: Musical Experiments by Stephen O'MalleySpring is finally here, the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping: it’s the perfect time to announce that Stephen O’Malley, whom you may know from such projects as Sunn O))), KTL, and Khanate, will be curating one whole day at this year’s Experimental Stage.

Stephen O’Malley is no stranger to any music fan brave enough to venture into the borderlands of extreme metal and avant garde. The artists he selects during his one-day stint as Experimental Stage curator should come as a surprise to no one. The concerts themselves, on the other hand, might come as quite a shock to many.

The curator of the Experimental Stage will make an appearance himself, naturally, performing in Katowice with the project known as KTL, in which he is joined by Vienna-based artist Peter Rehberg. The duo have spent the last six years and five records searching for disharmony in the kinds of sounds that unite fans of Fennesz, Merzbow, and Sunn O))). KTL melds the genres of drone, dark ambient, and noise into a new, unpleasantly majestic and disturbingly palatable form. You might leave this concert a different person.
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Knee Deep ‘Rock It’ (Terry Hunter & The Brothers Remixes)

Knee Deep 'Rock It' (Terry Hunter & The Brothers Remixes)The Brothers’ ‘Knee Deep Remixed’ singles series continues with a new set of tasty reworks of ‘Rock It’. Chicago legend Terry Hunter works up a deep and hypnotising organic groove, laced with a tapestry of sweeping synths and elaborate electronica, giving a cheeky wink to the old school. Meanwhile, The Brothers’ very own Edi Carlucci injects dirty bass stabs and moody synths, creating a chunky slice of heat for the small hours.

The Brothers label ‘Knee Deep Remixed’ series sees top German house production duo Knee Deep get a complete overhaul of their fantastic back catalogue – a transformation into a brand new selection of singles which will later be released as a full compilation. Each song will be remixed by a well known artist in the house music scene including the likes of Bobby D’Ambrosio, Louis Benedetti, Aaron Ross and The Brothers themselves, among others.

Knee Deep aka Basti Döhring and Toddie Freese, met in Hamburg’s club scene. Their first release in 1998: D’Influence ‘Rock With You’ was an instant international success. Soon big names including David Morales, Bob Sinclair, Everything But The Girl, Blaze, Rhianna, Basement Jaxx, Kerri Chandler and Jamiroquai requested remixes or production work from the duo. This also included Afro Medusa’s ‘Pasilda’, the huge Summer anthem of 2000. Since then they have gone on to produce, remix an incredible selection of dancefloor favourites working alongside artists such as Rasmus Faber, Sharlene Hector, Jamie Lewis, Timmy Vegas, Kenny Bobien, Brooke Russell and many more.  These releases appeared on their own labels KneeDeep Recordings (Est. 2003) and KneeDeep u.s.a (Est. 2005). Basti & Toddie have an extensive travel schedule performing all over the world including, Switzerland or Spain, Belgium, France, Hamburg, London, Ibiza and Miami. In recent times Basti has enjoyed huge solo success with his ‘Lovebirds’ recording monika, releasing a host of fantastic singles including ‘I Want You In My Soul’.

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 CHICANE & FERRY CORSTEN FEAT. CHRISTIAN BURNS ‘ONE THOUSAND SUNS’ Last summer, two electronic music legends arrived at the outer limits of anthem status with their first co-production, ‘One Thousand Suns’. Already greater than the sum of its parts, English singer-songwriter extraordinaire Christian Burns now joins Chicane & Ferry Corsten on the track to bring it a whole new dimension. Applying his hyper-infectious, carry-you-away vocals, collectively they’re about to tip One Thousand Suns into supernova.

Taking the next step for the release, Modena Music is proud to announce the release of the official video for the track. The video chronicles two fugitive lovers’ search for one other across stunning landscapes, visually bringing to life the ebullience of its musical experience. Warm and uplifting, ‘One Thousand Suns’ perfectly embodies Chicane and Ferry trance-tropic sound. Factor in Christian Burns’ evocative vocals, and you have a recipe for a track that’s destined to become one of the coming summer’s biggest floor shakers.

 „Single of the Month – May 2013″, DJ Mag Italia



THE GALLERY - 18 YEARS, MIXED BY JUDGE JULES, SIMON PATTERSON, & GAVYN MYTCHEL The time has come to mark the most important of anniversaries. Eighteen years is a milestone in any lifetime, but one The Gallery is especially proud. Providing ‘excellence in the art of sound’ every Friday night, with moments, which really have defined a generation.

What started off at Turnmills – for a one-off gathering of just fifty people, has grown to what can legitimately be considered the biggest Friday night in the land. Now based at the iconic Ministry of Sound, The Gallery continues to dictate the pace of London clubbing. We curate three CDs which not only reflect The Gallery’s immortal legacy, but its pivotal role in shaping the future of electronic music. Sounds of Gallery nostalgia and the new, both in equal measures…

Residents Judge Jules and Gavyn Mytchel, plus favourite Simon Patterson, have lovingly re-created their peak time party experience. Incorporating tracks which really do hold sentimental value, in terms of them rocking The Gallery to its core. A personal DJ snapshot of the laser led madness, derived directly from their show stopping Gallery performances.