THE BEST SUMMER FESTIVALS - TIME TO CHOOSEFestival season is so close you can almost taste it. But with so many amazing events to choose from, the decision of which one to go to is often the most difficult of all. As the countdown to summer begins, we’re looking to Europe for our festival fix. With a startling array of new and unique alternatives for festivalgoers, many of which offer guaranteed sunshine in awe-inspiring festival locations, it’s no wonder more of us will take the leap and try something new this year. So…where to? Time to tick off those boxes and figure out what’s most important to you.


A field is a field, no matter where you go. Fact. So if you’re tired of seeing the same green fields and muddy grounds then perhaps it’s time to opt for a festival with real visual impact and a location that’s guaranteed to take your breath away. Why not try…


Electro pop from Northern Sweden: THE KOO KOOS release debut single!

Electro pop from Northern Sweden: THE KOO KOOS release debut single!One sugar chocked Hello Kitty, one My Little Pony with manufacturing defectives and one Sleeping Beauty waking up on the wrong side. That’s how Umeå, Sweden, based The Koo Koos likes to describe themselves. This colourful trio is about to release their first album – „Love And Pain“ – on May 18th. They make music about what’s important in life: love and pain.  

Obviously they have their own manifest: „We like big gestures and everything that’s too much. We’re always in your face. We don’t conform. We’re the noisy and borderless teenager. We’re the spectacle you’d like to unleash. We give it all. And we love it.“

The album „Love and Pain“ is recorded by The Koo Koos in their own studio, but was mixed and mastered by Pell Henricsson at the Tonteknik Studios in Umeå.  The album is released on the band’s own label Lucky Star Music.

The first single, „Love and Pain“ is released worldwide!

OFF Festival Katowice 2013: Musical Experiments by Stephen O’Malley

OFF Festival Katowice 2013: Musical Experiments by Stephen O'MalleySpring is finally here, the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping: it’s the perfect time to announce that Stephen O’Malley, whom you may know from such projects as Sunn O))), KTL, and Khanate, will be curating one whole day at this year’s Experimental Stage.

Stephen O’Malley is no stranger to any music fan brave enough to venture into the borderlands of extreme metal and avant garde. The artists he selects during his one-day stint as Experimental Stage curator should come as a surprise to no one. The concerts themselves, on the other hand, might come as quite a shock to many.

The curator of the Experimental Stage will make an appearance himself, naturally, performing in Katowice with the project known as KTL, in which he is joined by Vienna-based artist Peter Rehberg. The duo have spent the last six years and five records searching for disharmony in the kinds of sounds that unite fans of Fennesz, Merzbow, and Sunn O))). KTL melds the genres of drone, dark ambient, and noise into a new, unpleasantly majestic and disturbingly palatable form. You might leave this concert a different person.
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Knee Deep ‘Rock It’ (Terry Hunter & The Brothers Remixes)

Knee Deep 'Rock It' (Terry Hunter & The Brothers Remixes)The Brothers’ ‘Knee Deep Remixed’ singles series continues with a new set of tasty reworks of ‘Rock It’. Chicago legend Terry Hunter works up a deep and hypnotising organic groove, laced with a tapestry of sweeping synths and elaborate electronica, giving a cheeky wink to the old school. Meanwhile, The Brothers’ very own Edi Carlucci injects dirty bass stabs and moody synths, creating a chunky slice of heat for the small hours.

The Brothers label ‘Knee Deep Remixed’ series sees top German house production duo Knee Deep get a complete overhaul of their fantastic back catalogue – a transformation into a brand new selection of singles which will later be released as a full compilation. Each song will be remixed by a well known artist in the house music scene including the likes of Bobby D’Ambrosio, Louis Benedetti, Aaron Ross and The Brothers themselves, among others.

Knee Deep aka Basti Döhring and Toddie Freese, met in Hamburg’s club scene. Their first release in 1998: D’Influence ‘Rock With You’ was an instant international success. Soon big names including David Morales, Bob Sinclair, Everything But The Girl, Blaze, Rhianna, Basement Jaxx, Kerri Chandler and Jamiroquai requested remixes or production work from the duo. This also included Afro Medusa’s ‘Pasilda’, the huge Summer anthem of 2000. Since then they have gone on to produce, remix an incredible selection of dancefloor favourites working alongside artists such as Rasmus Faber, Sharlene Hector, Jamie Lewis, Timmy Vegas, Kenny Bobien, Brooke Russell and many more.  These releases appeared on their own labels KneeDeep Recordings (Est. 2003) and KneeDeep u.s.a (Est. 2005). Basti & Toddie have an extensive travel schedule performing all over the world including, Switzerland or Spain, Belgium, France, Hamburg, London, Ibiza and Miami. In recent times Basti has enjoyed huge solo success with his ‘Lovebirds’ recording monika, releasing a host of fantastic singles including ‘I Want You In My Soul’.

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 CHICANE & FERRY CORSTEN FEAT. CHRISTIAN BURNS ‘ONE THOUSAND SUNS’ Last summer, two electronic music legends arrived at the outer limits of anthem status with their first co-production, ‘One Thousand Suns’. Already greater than the sum of its parts, English singer-songwriter extraordinaire Christian Burns now joins Chicane & Ferry Corsten on the track to bring it a whole new dimension. Applying his hyper-infectious, carry-you-away vocals, collectively they’re about to tip One Thousand Suns into supernova.

Taking the next step for the release, Modena Music is proud to announce the release of the official video for the track. The video chronicles two fugitive lovers’ search for one other across stunning landscapes, visually bringing to life the ebullience of its musical experience. Warm and uplifting, ‘One Thousand Suns’ perfectly embodies Chicane and Ferry trance-tropic sound. Factor in Christian Burns’ evocative vocals, and you have a recipe for a track that’s destined to become one of the coming summer’s biggest floor shakers.

 „Single of the Month – May 2013″, DJ Mag Italia



THE GALLERY - 18 YEARS, MIXED BY JUDGE JULES, SIMON PATTERSON, & GAVYN MYTCHEL The time has come to mark the most important of anniversaries. Eighteen years is a milestone in any lifetime, but one The Gallery is especially proud. Providing ‘excellence in the art of sound’ every Friday night, with moments, which really have defined a generation.

What started off at Turnmills – for a one-off gathering of just fifty people, has grown to what can legitimately be considered the biggest Friday night in the land. Now based at the iconic Ministry of Sound, The Gallery continues to dictate the pace of London clubbing. We curate three CDs which not only reflect The Gallery’s immortal legacy, but its pivotal role in shaping the future of electronic music. Sounds of Gallery nostalgia and the new, both in equal measures…

Residents Judge Jules and Gavyn Mytchel, plus favourite Simon Patterson, have lovingly re-created their peak time party experience. Incorporating tracks which really do hold sentimental value, in terms of them rocking The Gallery to its core. A personal DJ snapshot of the laser led madness, derived directly from their show stopping Gallery performances.


Corsten’s Countdown Summer Special – Live from Dublin, June 2nd

Corsten’s Countdown Summer Special - Live from Dublin, June 2nd  Last year, the 250th and New Year’s live editions of Corsten’s Countdown spiked Twitter trends, premiered new anthems and transfixed music lovers around the globe. Today, electronic music maven Ferry Corsten reveals the first details of his third extended spectacular. Putting Summer 2013 into high gear, on June 2nd, Ferry moves the action to Europe. He’ll once again provide another track-packed 8-hour epic Corsten’s Countdown transmission sensation! Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTÉ will be hosting the Corsten’s Countdown Summer Special, which will beam out from their Dublin-based studios and be carried around the world. 

On announcing the show, Ferry said: “I’m really excited to start my first ever Corsten’s Countdown summer edition. There is nothing more exciting than hearing your favourite summer tunes while gearing up for this hot and steamy season”

So #CCSUMMER, let’s go!

Taking over the SiriusXM airwaves for 8hrs at a time, previous live editions of Corsten’s Countdown have drawn listenerships numbered up in the 100s of 1000s. Most recently, through its thrilling, feature packed action (and often fan-guided musical content), the 2012 New Year’s broadcast trended 3 times on Twitter.

Now, much more is in store! The Summer Special edition of Corsten’s Countdown will be packed to the nines with the hottest tracks, drop-ins from surprise guests, ticket giveaways, track and remix premieres, live interviews (with DJs calling in from around the world) and, of course, in the last hour, the Countdown itself. You name it, #CCSUMMER is going to have it, so put a mark in your calendar for June 2nd now! 

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WARRIORS gathering with THE PRODIGY at EXIT FESTIVAL 2013This year’s EXIT festival will be taken over by The Prodigy and their travelling Warriors Dance show! Featuring a festival within a festival for the first time in its history, EXIT R:Evolution grows stronger day by day, promising one of the best festival editions ever! 

Having already taken command and ruled the EXIT Main stage twice The Prodigy make a welcome return to deliver one of the most impressive and energy-packed shows on the planet. Working on the new album has not taken any energy out of their signature live shows combining the band’s performance with cutting edge international acts chosen by the band themselves. Warriors Dance represents a surge of exciting vibes ranging from The Prodigy’s iconic anthems to seismic sub-low dubstep, live drum&bass and mighty guitar riffs all combining to make the ultimate festival experience.

Say The Prodigy „EXIT has a crazy wild side that only very few festivals have. We fukin’ luv it. Come on!!!“

Having said that Serbia is one of their favourite destinations more than once, Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim Reality continue to pay respect to hyped up crowds confirming that EXIT Festival Warriors Dance will be exclusive and the only one in Europe in 2013. Continue reading WARRIORS gathering with THE PRODIGY at EXIT FESTIVAL 2013

Exit Festival announce techno visionaries and group ticket offer

Exit Festival announce techno visionaries and group ticket offerEXIT proudly announces performances from three techno visionaries – Jeff Mills, Mathew Jonson and Gregor Tresher who will be rocking the medieval walls of Dance Arena. Combined with Pan-Pot and Matador live, this will be a clash between the old and new school of techno.

Jeff Mills, godfather of Detroit techno, founder of legendary Underground Resistance and barer of French title Knight of Arts will be demonstrating his flawless mixing technique in front of 20,000 passengers aboard his techno time machine. Being one of the most productive techno producers, Mills made more than 20 albums and 100 EPs and has taken techno into new dimensions, combining it with philharmonic orchestras and using it as a soundtrack for Fritz Lang’s silent movie „Metropolis“. He is one of the first DJ’s to use three turntable mixing technique, which he has perfected beyond reason, often playing more than 70 records during one hour. His biggest achievement though is constant evolution: „It’s not really my nature to look back. Somewhere along my career, I became convinced that there is more value in thinking forward than reminiscing about the past. In this way, I don’t expect it to ever truly end. Ever.“

Mills will be joined by Mathew Jonson and Gregor Tresher who will be playing their Live shows in front of Dance Arena techno heads. Masters of mood and atmosphere will not settle with anything less than going all out with their firepower. Hard pumping beats will be pulverizing everything that doesn?t move so be prepared to dance your shoes off!

This show wouldn’t be complete without rising stars of techno scene, Pan-Pot and Matador, who will also be performing live, making this spectacle a true arena-style battle of old and new school techno wizards. Make sure to be there to find out who the winner is!


Best European festival in 2007 reinvents itself this year with spectacular music programme and exciting ticket offers such as 4+1. Become a part of EXIT R:Evolution, get your crew together and brace yourself for an unforgettable festival experience at one of the most unique venues in the world! 

All EXIT fans worldwide are given the opportunity to acquire their 5-day tickets during 4+1 promotion. Buy four 5-day tickets and we?ll give you one more totally free. We?ll even throw in five free camp vouchers, so you can enjoy the sunshine and cool waters of Danube on EXIT party beach.

4+1 is valid from April 26th until May 31st and applies only to full price 5-day festival tickets so make sure to grab your package of fun in time!

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