ExtravaganceSL-TamaYou want coolly enigmatic trance-progressive with a just as coolly enigmatic sideline in track title-intrigue? Well look no further, VANDIT are delivering it direct to your music collection / listening-list!

Last year the significantly darker cut of August’s ‘Cthulhu’ & October’s ‘Kurai’ resounded through trance’s netherworld with their array of hook-you-in, mood-ish sounds.

With the 2015-starting gun fired, Germans Marcus Schleickmann & Phillpp Leske continue to track that sonic arc with the every-bit-as-gripping ‘Tama’.

Available on Beatport now – pick it up here.

Here at VANDIT, we’re starting to wonder whether there’s some coded message or other being delivered to us, title-by-title, piece-by-piece by those Extravagance SL boys! ‘Tama’ (Filipino for ‘right’, lest you wanted the latest piece of their ‘puzzle’) hotfoots it on the heels of last year’s ‘Cthulhu’ & ‘Kurai’.

The track is their third auditory invitation to trance’s darker side… Heavy drum-thump, mood inducing FX, deliciously indistinct vocoded vocals and Richter-scale registering bass all conspire on ‘Tama’ for mass effect!

About Extravagance SL: Phillpp Leske & Marcus Schleickmann have been rocking any number of spots with their tracks for close to five years now. Their studio outings are no strangers to the discographies of labels like FENology & Tool Tracks and most recently VANDIT. They are also regular visitors to the tracklists of shows like A State Of Trance (where ‘Nightshift’ became a notable Tune of the Week) and the review pages of the dance media including DJ Times, Raveline & DJ Mag.



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