Time travel to “1961” with TONY BARBATO

Time travel to "1961" with TONY BARBATO

Time travel to "1961" with TONY BARBATO Hi Tony! This is the first time MIKA and our readers have the honor to meet up with you! Tell us a little more about you, the man behind the music!

Ciao guys, nice to meet you! I live in Follonica, a small seaside town in Tuscany, which in summer is filled with tourists from all over the world. I am fortunate to not experience the stress of the big Italian cities. I am actually very spiritual, I am fascinated by the oriental culture, in fact, I have practiced Buddhism for many years. I’ve always listened to music from a young age and then 1994 I started djing on the radio stations and night clubs which fuelled my passion for music production. Many of my friends have been with me since the beginning and understand my passion for music. Every time I go to play at a party, many of them are with me and this makes any party more special … we are a great family.

In the very beginning what fascinated you about music?

I was introduced to music through a friend who worked in radio and produced records, occasionally (Shhh… it’s a secret) allowed me to mix the vinyl in its program. Back then I got to know the scene Techno and progressive scene osf the 90s, and I embraced it. Shortly after I became fascinated with the house music movement and its fine sounds. From this moment I think I found a different language with the music that allowed me to talk with everyone.

Who would you point as a key influence to you? 

Musically there are many artists and labels who have influenced me, from legendary MAW, DIMITRI FROM PARIS, DANNY TENAGLIA, FRANKOIS K, to well known Italian compatriots including Pasta Boys, Alex Neri (Planet Funk), Bini & Martini and Luis Radio. In recent years I’ve been a big fan of Ame, Dixon and Henrik Swartz (Innervisions), Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Lee Foss (Hot Creations), Jimpster and Maceo Plex. Lately I follow with great interest the talent of our “French cousins”, through my friendship with Lionel of Real Tone Records, every track is great and Frank Roger is a champion at his game. I also admire the excellent work of the French club Djoon who are winning in the music scene hand downs with their productions and club night productions. They have a unique energy, led by Afshin, a very special person with whom I’ve had the honor to work with and play for.

Which is your own favorite track so far and why?

Without a doubt my favorite own production is ‘1961. It was born from an idea in hotel during ADE 2012. Marco and I were waiting to go to the Club for the exclusive “Djoon EXPERIENCE” party, where I was to play at the The Sugar Factory. I was very excited and waiting, I was listening to some of my music and I came out with the melody to finish a track I had been working on. Back in Italy I went straight into the studio and recorded 1961, it was fun to make and I think the result is an example that best represents me as a recording artist.

Tell us more about “1961”. Why “1961”? What is the story behind “1961”?

A lot of events occurred in that year that fascinated me, such as Kennedy’s Inauguration, The Vietnam War, the construction of the Berlin Wall and the Monkey being sent to space. ‘1961’ has an original version, along with some dancefloor remixes including one from Patrick Podage who is in my opinion is a true marvel Nu disco producer. Also Jazzanova’s Alex Barck who is a pure musical genius, takes us back to the 90’s with his mix , which I really love.


What’s the secret ingredient in making a track like “1961”?

How was the composing process going when you were working on “1961”? I’m so hungry for music, I listen to it all day (and night) long, waiting for the inspiration to come.. And when it comes, I lock myself in my studio and get to work.

When you start working on a new track, how do you know that the track is going good?

I feel it when my mind shuts down and my body starts to move with the rhythm

What makes, in your opinion, the difference between an average and a great song?

According to you how does a good song sound? I think the difference that makes a good song above all is the idea . Thanks to my residence in Tartana Club, Marula Beach and Moustache Party, I can road test the tracks in the clubs and see what to change to improve them. The first reaction on the dance floor is very important.  A beautiful bass line, a powerful voice and an incisive vision is a good start to create a killer track.


What are your plans for the nearer future? Where can we hear you play live?

I hope to release a super hit with my label home FAVOURITIZM :-). Soon I will start a collaboration with a great US musician and singer Steve Luxe  on some new tracks and remixes. My next gigs are in Italy, next month I’ll be playing: AMEN Party in Rome, Civico 3 – a new Club in Mantova, “Moustache Party” @ Papillon, Siena along with others in Milan, Bologna, Grosseto and Florence.

How would you define your style in three words? 

Smart, eclectic, refined

Please do finish the sentence in your own liking: “Last night a DJ …….”

….Brought me to life!



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