United Colors of Music: To the Beach!


Summer time with United Colors of Music

Summer is already here and the rhythm of the beach house will invade Sofia for one night full of lots of fun, high-end music and surprises! DR. FEELGROOVE, MOEVV, DEEP LAID и SLA-P will be ready on June 8th for the fantastic season finale of United Colors of Music in Yalta Club. The talented vocalist BOGDANA MITOVA is joining DR. FEELGROOVE for a set! Friday  is the party night of the month!

And this isn’t all there is! You can win one of the two United Colors of Music T-shirts branded with the logos of United Colors of Music and Urban Style Sportswear Shop!

The colors of the music have never been brighter and greater than in Yalta Club garden, where Dr. Feelgroove and Bogdana Mitova will present you the freshest house tracks tastefully selected by Dr.  FEELGROOVЕ himself.

SLA-P will be the first behind the DJ deck  for a big warm-up beat and rhythm welcome. After him DEEP LAID and MOEVV will make the audience jump up and down. Well known as theLET’s BE CLOSE” headliners  DEEP LAID and MOEVV are up for fire on the dancefloor. DEEP LAID will set the club in motion and the energetic dirty-dutch-electro house tornado that is MOEVV set will enter the hearts of the audience. The top surprise for the night will be placed by DR. FEELGROOVE, whose „Let’s be Close” party sets are aired in real time on radio NOVA every Tuesday.

June is here. And it’s time for United Colors of Music!

Music is everything!

Dresscode: beach!
: 10 BGN



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