MIKA feat. Undertone



UNDERTONE is an electronic magazine for underground hip-hop and rap music, whose purpose is the promotion and demonstration of Bulgarian hip-hop and rap music artists. If you are a rap or hip-hop artist, living in Bulgaria, and want your songs to be heard, UNDERTONE is the place for you! UNDERTONE enables talented hip-hop and rap artists and producers free of charge to present  their new tracks, singles and compilations and submission of records, participation in concerts, videos, presentation of the instrumentals.

We at MIKA and UNDERTONE believe that hip hop is not just music.Therefore, the combined efforts of MIKA and UNDERTONE are aimed at providing Bulgarian talents a larger stage and the opportunity for further development. Composers, authors and promoters can send their copyright works and inquiries e-mail address: undertone_music@abv.bg or to info@mikamagazine.com with the subject: undertone.



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