Ultra Blue


DJ Gosh in the Top100 Beatport Glitch Hop Charts

We are pleased to announce that today the world ranking Beatport Glitch Hop: Top 100 chart has a young Bulgarian addition. Starting from the 72nd position in the rankings you can hear DJ Gosh’s Ultra Blue.
You can listen DJ Gosh playing live on October 1st at the party Bulgarism at club Lifehouse with Stein, Shosho & Mihail Petkoff and on October 29 again in Lifehouse club with Spektor. The new season begins in Lifehouse club with Bulgarism where the party will be set on fire. You can learn more here for Lifehouse and Bulgarism. An exclusive interview with DJ Gosh can be read in MIKA’s second issue (25/09/2011).



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