Tristan D & DJ Ideal : ‘MIAMI’

Tristan D & DJ Ideal : 'MIAMI', photo: PR

Tristan D & DJ Ideal : 'MIAMI', photo: PRWith Judge Jules’ latest VANDIT release out, about, and raising the Fahrenheit on club floors allover, in the space of a single release the label leap from ‘Monte Carlo’ to ‘Miami’. Last year’s Tristan D’s collaboration with the Judge (so fittingly titled ‘The Verdict’!) brought the English ex-pat/now Cali-residing producer to VANDIT’s attention. Three months later they’d inked his and Tangle’s ‘Vertigo’ coproduction, which in turn picked up some heavy rotation from many an A-list trance decktition. 

Now, just in time to catch the full heat draft of the Sunshine State’s Winter Music Conference, Tristan is back, this time partnering with DJ Ideal, with something that has a fraction more of the house flavor about it.
This is the so-timely-it-hurts ‘Miami’!

Tristan & Ideal’s ‘Miami’ vision starts, tonally, deeper down the scale, through its bass booming, tribally progressive intro.

It ain’t hanging around there very long though! Working in brighter, house-ier percussion loops, strikingly echoed ebony & ivory piano lines and a majorly infectious, high-on-life synth notes, its mercury rises fast. With the quick release filters and spring-loaded FX dropping yet more house flavour into its mix, it rolls down the windows, drops the top and show the bass button some love!

Catch some ‘Miami’ madness from March 24th!




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