The Swedish Sound Monarchy: Monarken

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The Swedish Sound Monarchy Monarken

Meeting the Monarken was a very lucky call of fate. actually, we have never really met but the Monarken are planning some pretty big things so who knows maybe very soon we will! so put on their “Bounce” track and let the good times roll!

Without any further ado, we at Mika are very pleased to share with you our conversation with Åke Andersson from the Monarken.

Who are the Monarken?

Monarken consists of Erik Wiberg, Sebastian Opava and Åke Andersson. We all grew up in Eskilstuna, Sweden – a small town quite close to Stockholm, and have known each other for quite long before we started making music.

How did the Monarken start? What do each member of the Monarken do?

We actually started out by making gangsta rap just for fun. I was touring with a couple of other bands at that moment and Sebastian was working on his trance projects, making our beats in his spare time. One day, I think it was in the winter of 2009, Sebastian came to the studio with an electro beat, and we were all like “Damn, this is what we want to do!”. Six months later we had quit all of our other bands, and was focusing 100% on Monarken.

Why is house music your calling? Tell us more about the electro-house-rap style?

Electro-house-rap or just electro rap, is a fusion of our favorite styles of music. Electro adds the wild screaming synths and pumping basses that shakes your body. House brings the playful, funky element that makes you want to dance, and the rap is, in my opinion, the best way to make people think, evolve and change themselves and the world around them.

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