Are you ready? Mind Disorder are here!


Are you ready for Mind Disorder?

The Bulgarian alternative rock band Mind Disorder was formed in the summer of 2009. The members of the band are Dimitar “Mitaka” Dikov (vocals and guitar), Antoni “The Kid” Trandev(drums), Simeon “Monk” Chakarov (guitar and backing vocals), and Andrey “Andreisky” Velikov (bass).

The band has had many stage appearances in clubs in Sofia. Those club appearances helped them establish their name as a promising music band with original songs and energetic live performances.

Mind Disorder’s songs “Hate” and “Everytime” were aired on the national radio Z-Rock Radio air and brought Mind Disorder popularity. The song “Hate” is going to be released as a single later on this year.[rokdownload menuitem=”93″ downloaditem=”2″ direct_download=”true”]Read the exclusive interview in Mika[/rokdownload]



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