The mystery behind “Selecta” is revealed!

SPINNIN La Fuente - SelectaIt’s been on just about every DJ’s wish list these months; the crowd shaking club tune ‘Selecta’, made by an unknown artist everyone wanted to know the name of. Last night, as Spinnin’ Records revealed his name with an Instagram campaign, it became clear Dutch notoriety La Fuente was behind the track all along.

A relief, according to the DJ who’s been forced to keep quiet on this for a painful couple of months. In a first response La Fuente speaks on creating ‘Selecta’, getting it out to dance floors and having to talk about it with befriended DJs without unveiling himself as the producer behind it.

“Believe it or not, but this track comes from an old session back in 2010”, the Dutchman says. “You know, one of those older projects you forget all about, then suddenly rediscover. Especially the drop sounded really cool to me, at Spinnin’ they agreed but asked me to refresh the track a bit. After that I felt we had something special in our hands.”

Building a bridge between energetic mainstage sounds and a classy house groove, ‘Selecta’ quickly received support after it was spread among DJs. “I first got positive feedback from Oliver Heldens, saying he was definitely going to play it. Then Spinnin’ decided to further spread the track as an ID. Which is exciting; everyone listens to it without prejudice, and as the track combines different sounds it got picked up by a large and broad set of DJs.”

Artists ranging from mainstage heroes like Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Tiësto and David Guetta to house dons like Martin Solveig, Sister Bliss and The Magician to guys like Diplo, Danny Howard, Laidback Luke and Tommie Sunshine were all playing ‘Selecta’. And all were dying to know who made it!

“I remember being in Dubai, talking to Nicky Romero. And he mentioned ‘Selecta’, saying he liked the track, before asking me if I had a cool release coming up. But I had to keep my mouth shut, just as I’d been doing the weeks before when all my friends and colleagues where guessing about it. I saw hundreds of messages in my Whatsapp-groups and couldn’t breathe a word about it!”

Another famous moment occured when Tiësto and Martin Garrix where calling to Spinnin’ Records from a collab studio session, shouting they had to know who made ‘Selecta’. “Incredible how this thing got a life of its own. Perhaps a bit frustrating to have to keep quiet on it, but also very cool and special to see it all evolve.”

Now all’s been revealed, La Fuente can finally speak out, receive compliments and support. “I’m on the phone non-stop today”, he laughs. “As soon as I woke up this morning people where sending me messages and getting really excited. All those guys I’ve been in touch with were giving me this amazing feedback . No, I haven’t heard from Nicky yet! Hope he forgives me for not saying anything haha! I’ll send him a message right now.”

‘Selecta’ comes out Friday 6 February on Spinnin’ Records.



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