“Sunny Beach Summer 2013” lights the summer with tech deep house beat

"Sunny Beach Summer 2013" lights the summer with tech deep house beat

"Sunny Beach Summer 2013" lights the summer with tech deep house beatAugust 20th marks the official birth of Cloning Sound record label newest wonderchild: Compilation of 13 burning tracks under the ‘Sunny Beach Summer 2013’ title.

“Sunny Beach Summer 2013” is what you expect from summer – profound, deep tech house and thrilling emotion. When the beat starts you just want more and more. The lucky number 13 serves well to this brand new compilation as the tracks have it all – the passion, the originality and the spirit of an everlasting emotion. The compilation also includes Pacho & Pepo’s own production – 3 common collaborations as well as two tunes by each of them.

It’s safe to say that Cloning Sound did it again! “Sunny Beach Summer 2013” aims for the heart of the audiences and succeeds in capturing it with exciting beat and rhythm.

The release has been supported by ALEXIS CABRERA, ALVARO SMART, DAVID HERRERO, FERNANDO MESA, Ittetsu, JOSE DIAZ, JOSE MARIA RAMON (Ibiza Globul Radio), Marc Galindo, MARCO CAROLA, PATRYK MOLINARI, Samu.l, SERAFIMOFF, Simone Vitullo, Terry Francis, Scott Lewis, SNAKE SEDRICK, Terry Francis, Vlada Asanin and many more.


The label’s co-owners, Pacho & Pepo are keeping stable resident position at ‘Amnesia Milano pres. Explosion Night‘ at club Mania.

Moreover, on the 23rd of August they are going to conduct a Cloning Sound showcase there. Meanwhile, considering their reach live music experience, Pacho & Pepo have selected some pretty outstanding tracks by both young promising talents and established names in the genre for the ‘Sunny Beach Summer 2013’ tech/deep house & techno edition.





Track list:
1. Pacho & Pepo – Simple Solution (Original Mix)
2. Dark Row – Tripped (Original Mix)
3. Pepo – Put Your Body Down (Original Mix)
4. Electronic Therapy – People Get Down (Original Mix)
5. Pacho – Arambol (Original Mix)
6. Jesus Soblichero – Holder (Original Mix)
7. Pacho & Pepo – True Love (Original Mix)
8. Blagov – Big Trouble (Original Mix)
9. Ellectrica, Nick & Danny – Backspin (Carlo Lio Remix)
10. Pacho & Pepo – What’s Going On (Original Mix)
11. Febrij – Dulce de Guandul (Original Mix)
12. Borja Maneje – Neutron (Original Mix)
13. Artur Nikolaev – Summer Wave (Original Mix)



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