Sonata Arctica with new DVD


Sonata Arctica

The Finnish melo band SONATA ARCTICA presented the cover of their upcoming DVD album, “Live In Finland”, which was released on 28 October. Disc will include:
01. Intro (Everything Fades To Gray)
02. Flag In The Ground
03. Last Amazing Grays
04. Juliet
05. Replica
06. Blank File
07. As If The World Wasn’t Ending
08. Paid In Full09. Victoria’s Secret
10. Instrumental Exhibition
11. The Misery
12. Fullmoon
13. In Black & White
14. Mary-Lou
15. Shy
16. Letter To Dana
17. Caleb
18. Don’t Say A Word
19. Outro (Vodka / Everything Fades To Gray)

More you can read the pages of the Best Metal BG: Bulgarian metal portal.



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