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Music without borders: SEVI

There are songs that are written in such a way that once we listen to them, they seem to touch those delicate parts of our souls that we had not even thought existed. This is the case with the „Can‘t Stand The Pain“ by SEVI.
„Can‘t Stand The Pain“ is a gorgeous and complex song that profoundly shakes you by the depths of its emotion, vocals and lyrics. It simply makes you pause in awe. That is because the music has its own soul is difficult to describe with simple words.
Sevi are a truly unique Bulgarian band. They are young, energetic and very talented. The music that they make belongs to the world. The group consists of Sevi (Svetlana Bliznakova) – vocals, Rally Velinov (bass), Ivan Angelov (guitar), Pavlin Ivanov (drums) and Tanya Apostolova (keyboards). They do not only inspire with their energy, creativity and talent, but they are also very interesting people from whom we can learn.

Despite the cold autumn day, a meeting with them seems to inspire you to dream, to listen to music and to know that the sun will rise again. Mika met with Sevi, Rally and Tanya for this exclusive interview.

The exclusive interview with the guys can be found [rokdownload menuitem=”108″ downloaditem=”9″ direct_download=”true”]here.[/rokdownload]



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