Markus Schulz “Scream”: A flagman to the new sound revolution

Markus Schulz "Scream": A flagman to the new sound revolution

Markus Schulz "Scream":  A flagman to the new sound revolutionWhen it comes to trance music, the Electronic Dance scene fans know for sure Markus Schulz unique signature. Over the last decade Markus Schulz has fused the individual musical identities of progressive house & trance into his own creative and now unprecedented hybrid sound. Through the unique alignment of his headline DJ sets, Coldharbour label output and highly prominent Global DJ Broadcast radio show, he orchestrated a sea change revolution in the US trance scene. Working hard and always challenging himself, Markus Shulz has been consistently ranking in DJ Mag’s world’s top 10 and proving to the international audience that good EDM sound comes from the mind of a thinker and explorer. Why explorer? Because he never seizes to push the limits of the sound further and further developing and enriching the genre. This longing desire for evolution can be felt in each and every track, single or album he has release. With elements of trance, house and progressive skillfully imported into one and another, his music is evolving and giving a certain touch of identity that can never go wrong. And we have numerous proves of that: Markus has released six mix compilations and three artist albums under his own name. He has also released productions and albums, Thoughts Become Things and Thoughts Become Things II, under the alias Dakota.

That is why there is now doubt that when his newest album is coming out, the whole world will be all ears. Well the long wait is over. On August 31st the whole EDM scene welcomed with cheer his SCREAM. Scream marks the two-year-anniversary of his “Do you dream” album.

For those two years, Markus has outdone himself and “Scream” tops “Do you dream”, being charged up with nineteen potentially big hits. Telling a virtual story of sound, Markus “Scream” goes beyond all wild dreams into an absolute universe of sparkling brilliance and unity. If you take one track out of the album, the track will strike you with its unique character but when you come to consider it as a part of the album, it is impossible not to startle in astonishment – all fits perfectly and each every track adds up to the symphony of sound only Markus is able to make. It’s that hard to pick a favorite track out of the 19 gems “Scream” presents.

From the emotional charged vocals of “Nothing without me” up to the highly-passionate “Caught”, Markus Schulz manages to capture a vast range of ideas, messages and meanings. Ana Diaz and Adina Butar vocals present heaven and passion in a manner that only Markus can entangle into whole entity, leading the listener on a journey of “Soul seeking” and temptation (Tempted). The collaborations with those talented female vocalists has enlarged the whole concept of vocal trance and a solid proof of that can be found at “Deep in the Night”.

‘Loops & Tings” is an exploding collaboration with Ferry Corsten. Solid proof that when two ledengary trance artist combine their forces only great things will happen. “Loops & Tings” is torque driving into your spinal system and is not going to leave you motionless.

Although it is incredibly hard to pick a track, our heart goes to “Don’t Leave Before The Sunrise”. Poetic, splendid and exquisite “Don’t leave before the sunrise” has everything a track can have. And it is certainly one of those tracks who speak louder than words, straight to the heart. Markus Schulz connection to the audience here is stronger than ever before: interactive, powerful message hidden in a delicate thread that runs throughout the track theme.

“Scream” has definitely proven that Markus Schulz talent knows no limit and passionate as he is he will never stop to evolve the way the good EDM sound must be like. “Scream” leaves us with a different feeling than all his previous works. It’s deepened, mature, a bit nostalgic still with the burning heart of a revolutionary flagman. Having a certain soul and identity, “Scream” makes it to our hearts as one of Markus Schulz’ best compilations. With hard work and intense passion for music, “Scream” is challenging the world of the matrix sound and is quickly about to become the One.

“Scream” is released by Armada music.



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