Ryan Gosling: Drive!


Ryan Gosling Drive!

Ryan Gosling is one of those actors who carefully choose their roles.After remarkable performances in “The Notebook” and “Fracture”, where partnered alongside with Anthony Hopkins, we saw blue-eyed handsome Canadian in  “Lars and the real girls”, “Blue Valentine” and in the drama “All good things”. 2011 is definitely Ryan’s year. All the world’s eyes are turn on his  character in the crime thriller “Drive”. The movie has won prizes at the festival in Cannes and is pronounced “a masterpiece of the year.” The trailer offers  the viewers definitely something different from the ordinary action thriller. During the day he is working as a stuntman and mechanic, but after sunset he is the best driver you would like to have if you decide to heist a bank.

Nicholas Refn’s  directorial approach is definitely unconventional- he achieves his presentation with minimal dialogue, superb background music, perfect installation and camera moves that are loaded with additional charge. “Drive” has its roots in the classic pulp and noir films. Gosling captures perfectly the image of his character – shy and quiet, intently watching the world and attempting to stay aside from trouble, but whose desire to help, gets him involved in a lot of trouble. In the hands of any other director this film would have been yet another action thriller, but not when behind the camera is Nicholas Refn: throughout the film there is not a single useless frame, the lines are memorable, the action holds in suspense from beginning to end, and Ryan Gosling’s character evolves like a wildfire.



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