Roger Shah gives a free track!


Free track by Roger Shah

Last Friday night Roger Shah rocked The Gallery at Ministry of Sound with a very special set celebrating the 200th episode of his Magic Island Radio Show. Beamed out around the world through, Shah fans in every country on earth got the opportunity to listen in and catch every beat, bassline, synth rise and crowd cheer!

To bring the MI:200 events to a fitting end, and as a thank you to all his fans for their dedication to the show, Roger is giving away a brand new and exclusive track. Shah has reactivated his Epos alias (responsible for club favourites like ‘Vivagio’, ‘All Saints Day’ and ‘Adagio Espressivo’) to create an epic theme for the 200th episode show. ‘Polarised’s proved to be a suitably seismic floor-shaker throughout MI:200, and you can grab your copy right this moment!

Head over to Roger’s Facebook page here: , hit that ‘Like’ button, grab the download and relive the Magic all over again!



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