Pre-Heated: P. R.

Hip Hop


At the age of 23 Australian’s hip hop producer P.R. is making beats that will turn the clubs on fire. MIKA talked to the man behind the “Pre-Heated” and the “Nujabes” remixes.

Being very well- known for your exceptional Hip Hop and R&B remixes did not stop you from experimenting with Jazz, Soul, and House music.  Which is your favorite music style?

I would have to say my favourite music style to create is Hip-Hop, basically because I can bring any other styles of music into it, using a form we call “sampling”. I have sampled jazz, soul, classical, and other styles of music, and turned them into Hip-Hop tracks.

What inspires you? What/Who would you describe as the key influence in your music?

My Inspiration is drawn from my life and observing the world around me, which has helped me build my passion to create the music you hear from me. I am influenced by life, sound, film and music. I am also influenced by many other artists, but there are too many to name.

We got to ask: Is there a story behind each track you make?

Every project I make has its own soul. I am known as a very diverse producer and each of my tracks has its own sound and feel. It depends on the situation I was put in to make the track and the mood I was in, as well as what influenced me at the time. But I can promise, that every track that you will hear from me has its own form.

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