Music with Plamen K


Music with Plamen K.

He is young. He is unpredictable. And music is an inspiration. Meet Plamen K.

Tell us more about yourself? How did you choose the music as your career path?

My name is Plamen Kunov. I was born in Plovdiv and I am 23 years old I am. I work as a sales consultant and my time besides that is devoted to music. I decided on a music career in my early childhood. I started writing lyrics and my dream was to become a rap artist. That desire changed when I discovered the electronic music in the face of Leftfield, Orbital, Underworld, Astral Projection. It was back in 2006 when I met Ivan „d-phrag“ Filipov, who quickly became my best friend, colleague and mentor.

Ever since then, I could say that my career in music was determined with my interest in electronic music… or rather you could say mixing a few unique ideas / tracks/ to make one really inspirational set.

What is your inspiration?

I am inspired by everything around me. The people around me, the sounds of nature and even the weather if you will – there are simply so many things that could make me build a concept for a new set.

Who are the people who influenced your musical taste and creativity? Why?

First and foremost will be uncle, who showed me the magic of the electronic music for the first time ever. Ivan, who I already mentioned, also had a big influence to my music as he taught me how not to confine myself to the style. I learned from the work of the well-known John Digweed, that any style of music can be incorporated into a set regardless of the specific circumstances.

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