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PHASE are coming for a second show in Sofia

The Greeks PHASE are ready with their album - all posted for online distributionPhase, loyal to the example that is set by a lot of alternative artists such as Radiohead, have uploaded their entire “In Consequence” album on their YouTube channel where it is availiable for sreaming. Moreover the listeners that like Phase’s artistic activity are given the opportunity to download the record in digital form through Bandcamp and leave the tribute they wish as a token of gratitude and support.

Phase is a Greek band that makes alternative and progressive rock sound even better. The band has a long and interesting biography. They are based in Larissa (Greece) and are a solid proof that music is everlasting.

The trip begun in summer 2008 from when the party is collecting experiences and ideas which they are continuously filtering reaching to today’s shape; finding Phase delivering this tight alloy of music, which the press tends to call psychedelic / alternative / progressive rock. Apart from their own, on and off their country’s borders, successful shows, they’ve shared the stage with historic acts as well as for contemporary, established artists close to their idiom like Jeff Martin(The Tea Party – [CA]), Danny Cavanagh (Anathema – [UK]), Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering – [NL]) and many more. In the beginning of 2010 their digital single “Perdition” was selected to participate in Microsoft’s “Playlist Seven” program while worth of mentioning is Duncan Patterson’s (Anathema, Antimatter, Ion – [UK]) effort on “Ibidem”, a musical statement of their debut LP “In Consequence”; a dark, rolling, mysterious album where rock music meets folk and industrial sounds covered brilliantly by an awarded artwork entitled “The Tree of Li(f)e” brought to our cognizable dimensions by Aris Liapis. Turn off your mind and relax tripping among Phase’s frequencies…




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