Paul Miller: Plick Plack

Paul Miller - Plick PlackQuestion: is Plick Plack…

A) Brazil’s answer to Facebook

B) The latest version of Flappy Birds

C) A new plaque remover, ambitiously aimed at the teenage market

D) The latest fresh-off-the-desk club-floor titan from the impossibly talented Mr. Paul Miller!

If you answered D, well congratulations – straight to the top of the class!
A, B or C, well, what we say!? There was a whopping great clue at the top of this post!!

Over 30+ releases, and for half a decade or more Poland’s Paweł ‘Paul Miller’ Meller’s music has cut a constant swathe across the world’s trance floors… ‘Plick Plack’ though represents his first for VANDIT Records, and we like to think a new level high for the evermore-recognized studio-soul.

In pursuit of club-floor glory, Paul dials in lionhearted drums for the track, further energizing them with hi-def percussion loops and a proverbial firestorm of electrifying studio FX. In turns working in acidic churn and 303 squelch, degree-by-degree ‘Plick Plack’ raises the floor-centigrade, before finally burning the roof off with the brilliant engineering of the track’s mainline flamer.

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