Mr. Pit: It is what it is


Mr. Pit: ‘It Is What It Is’’River of Hearts’

Hot off the back of his club-stomping ‘Mosni’, Coldharbour quartermaster Mr. Pit is back on the front lines, supplying the tools that make the floor rock. With its thermal synths, thermite bass and equally concussive beats, ‘It Is What It Is’. has already nabbed the prestigious Global Selection gong on GDJB.

That track’s backed by the much-fan-requested ‘River of Hearts’. Used by Markus Schulz to close out his ‘Los Angeles 2012’ compilation, the Outro Mix delivers a fever pitch thrill ride, leaving a major floorprint in its wake. Arriving in download stores June 11th (complete with the Original Mix and a rework from Ben Gold) its essential summer kit for your speakers.



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