Miami producer Eche Palante gets exclusive Spotify release

Earlier this week, young producer Eche Palante got quite a revolutionary deal with his newest single ‘A Discussion Between Saxes’. Launched with a full video and an exclusive release on Spotify, two weeks before it goes out through the regular Beatport channel, it was the perfect example how the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool project works.

It ‘s been a problem since the early days of the music industry. How do you get signed to a record label when there’s loads of other artists fighting for just as much attention? Especially these days, when dance music is taking hold of the charts and it’s never been so easy to make a track from the comfort of a home studio, it’s a flood of music overwhelming the industry’s offices. In 2012, world renowned dance imprint Spinnin’ Records found the solution.

The idea was as simple as it was revolutionary. A Talent Pool where aspiring producers can drop their tune, promote it through various social media channels, and have it climb  a specially created Talent Pool chart. With Spinnin’s A&R managers keeping a close eye on the chart, no producer has to be afraid his song will end at the bottom of a big pile of promos, it’s all up to his/her own creativity (and dedication) to get the music noticed.

‘A Discussion Between Saxes’

Now, after 2,5 years discovering new artists, Spinnin’ has amassed tens of thousands of promos, gaining over a million votes in its Talent Pool project. It resulted in several releases from formerly unknown artists, getting more sophisticated and succesful every time. The release of ‘A Discussion Between Saxes’, the single by Miami based producer Eche Palante, is a good example. A powerful house tune that’s up for release on the Spinnin’ imprint March 9th, but already got an exclusive Spotify release last Monday. Before that, the track also saw a full video get published on YouTube.

Albeit a novelty for established artists, such a Spotify exclusive is an even bigger deal for a producer that’s just getting started. But it underscores how respected the Talent Pool is; a straight up breeding place where some of dance music’s best records emerge.

Talent Pool 2.0

With this increasing number of high quality tracks in mind, Spinnin’ has decided to take the Talent Pool further. There’s a world of ambitious dance producers out there still not getting noticed, making a 2.0 version more than necessary. So, now it’s possible to sign up for a beta version of a brand new Talent Pool. Here, the project is taken away from its Facebook environment, soon presented on its very own platform where users can create their own profiles, following and commenting each other.

It’s an app made for these times. Adding more solutions to the classic promo problem, paving the way for those thousands of young, inventive producers looking for a way to reach the music industry. There’s an ‘in’ and it’s become more convenient than ever, just ask Eche Palante.

Eche Palante – ‘A Discussion Between Saxes’




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