Mastermindz Of Dubstep Vol1 – MDR001

Mastermindz Of Dubstep Vol1 – MDR001

Mastermindz Of Dubstep Vol1 – MDR001‘Mastermindz of Dubstep’ is the debut release from the brand new label ‘Masterdub’, portraying the massively broad spectrum that exists within the genre of Dubstep. Featuring producers Kromestar, Chef and Blusey, EL-B, Itchy Robot, Phazeman, DJ Enme and vocals from the voice of Dubstep MC Crazy D and the talented Nadia S.

This release is full of veterans and prolific producers, offering the very best in Dubstep. Masterdub, sister-label to the established D&B label ‘Mastermind Records’ is set to take the scene by storm and if this heavy hitting debut vinyl & digital release is anything to go by, then expect big things in the future.

Kromestar – Bad Mind (Feat. MC Crazy D) – Forthcoming Masterdub Recordings {”}

After two successful albums, Kromestar has secured his place as one of the biggest names in Dubstep and this collaboration with MC Crazy D is nothing less than Dubstep royalty. ‘Bad Mind’ uses icy pads, dissonant synths, and that classic deep sub bass that has been a characteristic of Dubstep from its early days right upto the present. The dissonance creates an interesting texture, while the track has an overall eerie feel. In addition, the hypnotic lyrics of Dubstep veteran MC Crazy D are subtle but extremely effective.

Chef & Blusey – Children Of The Night – Forthcoming Masterdub Recordings


Chef and Blusey’s ‘Children of the Night’ is a deep and mesmerizing Dubstep production that borders on sublime. From the signature Sub Freq sound, the prominent, steppy drum pattern and metallic rhythmic melodies give the track a powerful impact. On cue the growling bass and cryptic percussion enters, increasing the intensity with an underlining spectral feel created by the haunting pads and the animalistic screams, growls and howls that give an unearthly quality. ‘Children of the Night’ is raw and hypnotizing, yet its bassline and drum sequencing are hard enough to shake any dancefloor.

Track 3

El-B – Roaring Lion – Forthcoming Masterdub Recordings


Viewed by many as a pioneer of Dubstep, EL-B’s ‘Roaring Lion’ brings back the original ‘Ghost’ Dubstep sound. The intro features a skippy drum sequence with deep brass hits and zaps, which recreate the classic sound of early Dubstep. However, the melodic vocals and relentless bass help retain a unique and innovative sound. The track is fast moving and energetic and bares all the hallmarks of a Dubstep veteran. With a hint of a reggae influence through the vocals, EL-B has created another characteristic dancefloor hit.

Track 4

Itchy Robot – Straight Up Gangstar (Feat Phazeman) – Forthcoming Masterdub Recordings


Itchy Robot & Phazeman’s ‘Straight up Gangstar’ reveals a harder side of Dubstep, laden with heaving bass and punchy drums. Leaning more towards the tear-out end of the Dubstep spectrum, the track’s screaming lead synth, complete with distorted background textures leads into a brutal assault! The hard drums and salient percussion with a bombardment of syncopated Bass gives the track a raw and ruthless quality that is confirmed by the ‘Straight up gangster’ vocal. This track showcases the more intense and aggressive side of Dubstep, revealing the producers take on this popular genre.

Track 5

DJ Enme – The Way It Is In London (Feat Nadia S) – Forthcoming Masterdub Recordings


The way it is in London Features the rich and soulful vocals of singer Nadia S. In this production Dj Enme incorporates many different aspects of Dubstep. Featuring mysterious, wistful strings and catchy, tuneful vocals, the track is melodious in parts while the techy, industrial-sounding bass paired with the gritty crack of the snare ensure a powerful, remorseless banger that will tear down raves worldwide. ‘The Way It Is in London’ has received extensive support on radio stations such as Choice FM and is sure to make a further impact on the scene in the coming months.

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