Marga Lane : “The great song is timeless”

How do you express yourself? For unsigned artist and Berklee College of Music alumni, Marga Lane, expression comes in the form of songwriting. It’s how she’s defined her life…in music. Her self-released EP, “Expressions” has infectious beats and expressive vocals that will leave you addicted and wanting more. She is hitting the music scene with a fresh new sound that will awaken your senses and move your soul.

Collaborating with the right producers has allowed her to broaden her musical horizons expanding more into the world of urban-pop. Her songwriting skills have improved like fine wine. Marga Lane has stepped up her game, proving she is as versatile and as distinctive as they come. Marga Lane’s smooth style and her wealth of musicality make her such a fine artist. Musical icons including Adele, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Alicia Keys have influenced Marga Lane and it shows with every song on this EP.

From the club thumping, bass filled sounds of “Pain Killa” and “Boys” to the insightful, metaphoric lyrics of “Finish Line” and “Aftershocks,” “Expressions” has something for everyone. Marga Lane’s powerful voice and soulful style will have you captivated from her very first note.

We have the great opportunity to meet up and chat for awhile with this certainly amazing young lady.

Hello, Marga! How are you doing? This is the first time MIKA and our readers have the honor to meet up with you! Tell us a little more about you! 

I’m doing well, thanks and thank you for taking the time to chat with me.I am a singer/songwriter/instrumentalist and dancer, currently based in Los Angeles and am originally from NY. I attended Berklee College of Music in Boston and moved to LA upon graduation. I have loved music from a very young age and I’m so blessed to have been afforded opportunities to pursue my passion.

In the very beginning what fascinated you about music?  

I was first drawn to the piano and I guess I was just fascinated that you could produce this beautiful sound from hitting the right notes together at the right time. The idea of creating this sound out of thin air is pretty cool.

Who would you point as a key influence to you? 

There are so many people. I would have to say my mom because she is the one that introduced me to the piano and to music. Artist wise, I would say Michael Jackson,Beyonce and Alicia Keys.

Are there any interesting stories that took place while you were working on the compilation?

Let me think. None that I can recall that stand out. Every day I was in the studio was a blast. I got to work with great musicians who are also my friends.  When you’re working with friends or even people you just “click” with, it makes everything that much more fun.  My song “Boys…” was probably the most fun to record. I remember laughing half of the time I was recording trying to get my “swag” voice on.

What makes, in your opinion, the difference between an average and a great song? According to you how does a good song sound?

I think a great song is timeless. It can live on forever, the melody, the words, the music. All of it is catchy and relatable. The song should move you and make you feel something every time you hear it.Think of the Beatles’ songs or Michael’s songs or even new artists like Adele’s “Someone Like You.” That song is a simple concept but the way the words and notes are strung together and the emotion behind her performance will make that song unforgettable. 

Who is the modern music artist?A music producer, a mastermind or an educator?  

In the dictionary one of the definitions of “artist” is a person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill. Therefore, I believe that a music producer, a mastermind and even an educator can all be considered some type of artist. 

What are your plans for the nearer future? What’s cooking in the production studio and when/where can we hear you play live?

I am currently working on my T-Shirt Line to be launched next spring – Pretty excited about that. As for music, I am going to release some cuts that didn’t make the EP. A few new videos as well. And I will start playing shows again in LA and New York (and hopefully some other cities) come the new year.

How would you define your style in three words?  

Soulful. Versatile. Relatable.



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