Meet Manuel de la Mare

Manuel de la Mare

Manuel de la MareMIKA is honored to present to our readers the amazing DJ and producer Manuel De La Mare. His exquisite remixes and releases are known throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and as well as North and South America. One of the best European producers and DJs, Manuel De la Mare is a familiar face at global venues like Ministry of Sound in London, Womb in Tokyo and Fabrik in Madrid. It’s great to have the opportunity to catch up with the superb master of sound during his Bulgarian stay.

Hello, Mr. De la Mare! How are you feeling being in Bulgaria? What brought you here?

I‘m able to move where I prefer, because of my job I‘m super free from this point of view, and in Bulgaria there are the best conditions for my job: a nice airport in Sofia, and good services from internet to banks to whatever you need. Also the people are incredibly nice and gentle, and this is rare nowadays. The exclusive interview with the Italian master DJ can be found on [rokdownload menuitem=”114″ downloaditem=”12″ direct_download=”true”]MIKA[/rokdownload].



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