Big news for MAC DEMETRIUS: collaboration with New Giustizia & Noches aka Joe Luca And lots of excitement upcoming for 2013

MAC DEMETRIUS : His New Giustizia & Noches aka Joe Luca Collaboration And Big 2013 Announcement

MAC DEMETRIUS : His New Giustizia & Noches aka Joe Luca Collaboration And Big 2013 AnnouncementMac Demetrius has made history for being one of the most successful and prolific artists to emerge during the last decade. His skills are some of the most sought after in the world. In the span of less than 2 years, Mac Demetrius has become one of electronic dance music’s major icons. Mac’s career has continued to develop thus turning him into a global phenomeno. In addition to this, his DJ sets have fast become both iconic and unparalleled, providing an explosive take on the current state of dance music across the board. In the pantheon of EDM greats that have risen over the years, Mac Demetrius has earned his place already, but is far from finished with what he has to share.

Mac Demetrius is known for collaborating with major artists and is now producing for Giustizia & Noches aka Joe Luca Joe Luca – Dirty Vegas ft.Noches . Guys has produced new tracks in new album “GOIN OUT” which came out on Monday. The new tracks include “FIRE” and “ Summer” featuring Joe Luca, “Dirty Vegas”, “Time OUT” and “OUT”. This year he began his “TIME OUT” tour with multiple sold out shows. He also headlined both EDC NY, in addition to the Biggest Music Festival. You can follow his updates on Twitter@MacDemetrius or on Facebook.

In this interview, Mac Demetrius talks about working with Giustizia & Noches on his new album, how he selects which artists to collaborate with, his music creation process and more. He also mentions his major 2013 announcement!

What was it like working on Giustizia &Noches new album?

For me it’s a great new style, a combination of black soul and sophisticated pop style of the old indigenous, often likened to a LMFAO, combined with NERD So just imagine how many functions are held by their energy! Working on Giustizia & Noches album was fun and a next god step for me as a producer. It’s really good to work with such talented people and to this so positively crazy. Doing 4 out of  6 tracks gave me the opportunity to set the tone of the album and having a variety of features with Joe Luca, Noches made it a lot of fun too! They are really great and extremely well to work with their sensational vocals. We originally met in studio and always a good vibe in the studio between all people – from lawyers to managers to us artists.

How do you select which artists to collaborate with?

To me, the most important thing when working with someone is that you get along, and it’s fun. I set the musicians totally dedicate themselves his musical passion.

Can you describe your music creation process?

I always have a lot of melodies in my head. Time is not enough to get them all done. If to this you will find great buddies from the music industry which works so well as with Joe Luca & Noches. And always having a vision, knowing how you want to connect to people. Working with the guys, it was really something. Every time it’s like a great explosion of our ideas. They are really great. It is just that I have my own ideas and compositions that they are well able to arrange and vice versa. For them and for me to count the true emotions communicated fans. New, clean energy.

Giustizia and Noches

Giustizia & Noches are independent artists embodying the irrepressible energy of a new vanguard in world music today, high-octane North American pop, electronic, and club tracks shot through with multi-national inspiration. Raised in Canada’s capital city and steeped in both the rich Italian and French traditions of their families and a pulsing proximity to American rap, Giustizia began writing and recording tri-lingual hip hop tracks as early as 1998 and Noches was his first fan and then became an artist on Giustizia La Bomba music as well as co-founder. Friends since high school, the two realized they had highly-compatible creative gifts: Giustizia the natural poet, melody-master, multi faced talented artist, actor and crowd-winning performer with an explosive physical presence, and Noches the technical craftsman with grounding, soulful base and a darker, smoldering appeal. Their partnership manifested in the creation of the Giustizia La Bomba music label which has signed independent artists from all over the globe, many of whom are featured on the label’s latest album, “Secrets and Treasures by Joe Luca” (released June, 2010). That celebrated release as well as previous albums by Giustizia “International Playa” (released March, 2000) and “In tha mix – The art of a champion” (released 2001) have led to continuous sales and downloads in over 20 countries, and Giustizia & Noches have amassed hundreds of thousands of international fans and followers across digital platforms while consistently ranking in the Top 100 Canadian artists on ReverbNation. They are currently at work on a collaboration with Italian rap artist Il Cappallaio Matto, and Hitfinders as well as two, new addictive club tracks for Summer 2013, “Goin’ Out” (now available on iTunes) and the soon-to-be-released “Summer Life.” The future is exciting for Giustizia & Noches and they continue to work hard to produce the most excellent independent Pop, electronic music they can release to their fans.



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