Lou Gorbea & Chris Perez fb Manchildbck present “Missy You”

Lou Gorbea & Chris Perez fb Manchildbck present "Missy You"

Lou Gorbea & Chris Perez fb Manchildbck present "Missy You"“Will play the original version! Roots nyc all the way!” – Louie Vega
“You can only get magic when you put these three talents together.” – Quentin Harris
“Groove Assassin Mix really does it for us. Nice song!” – Tony Humphries

A couple of minutes into ‘Missing You’ it’s apparent that however much we at Tribe love travelling the world in search of great tunes to move to, it sure feels good to come ‘home’ to the Big Apple.

Well, let’s put it this way, many of us grew up with dance music created for clubs like the Paradise Garage, Sound Factory, Club Shelter and Body & Soul and this track feels like a direct descendant of many of those tunes with a pull-you-onto-the-dance-floor rhythm, lyrics that say more than a lil’ something, an uplifting melodic line and a totally assured, strong-and-soulful vocal which is beautifully handled and multilayered right through.

Louie ‘Lou’ Gorbea is a DJ and producer who surely danced at many of those clubs (in addition to really working the floor while a member of the American Ballet Company) and he brings an intuitive understanding of how music moves people alongside a deep knowledge of music across genres and eras into his guest sets alongside DJs such as Jellybean Benitez and Louie Vega. He spins electrifying old (and new) school sets, which is why he’s also played in clubs from Mykonos to the Ministry of Sound. Chris Perez is a New Jersey native who also developed his passion for music in the ’80s and ’90s before building his own studio and creating the renowned production team Blvd East with James Rivera. He’s brought his keyboard and engineering skills to work alongside Gorbea since 2005; together they’ve produced dancefloor hits like ‘Feeling Good’ (feat. Jannae Jordon) and ‘Babalu Aye y Yemaya’ (feat. Nina Rodriguez), before getting together again with Gorbea and the supertalented Manchildblack (he’s also an actor, DJ, record label don and co-promoter of the Libation parties) for ‘Missing You’.

Sheffield’s Groove Assassin, aka Nick Moss, has two decades of DJing and 15 years as a producer-remixer for top house labels like Defected, M’n’2S, Ministry of Sound and Stereo Sushi, so he sure knows where the party is at. Hand claps, keyboard stabs and a big phat bassline provide the platform for the Manchildblack’s lush vocals, with twisted, almost acidic synth loops and strings adding a darker drama and moodiness to the track. Plenty to play with there!  

‘Missing You’ is due for release on November 25th via Tribe Records.



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