Las Salinas feat. Sue Mclaren ‘Break the Spell’

Las Salinas feat. Sue Mclaren 'Break the Spell'

Las Salinas feat. Sue Mclaren 'Break the Spell'With ‘Say Another What’ (their last outing, alongside Genix), Las SalinasIsrael Bicher and Shaulli Harrari picked up a DJ Mag Single of the Month award and a mass of cross-party deejay support. Their follow-up sees them leave the land of the instrumental and head for pastures altogether more vocal. Having previously cast her lyrical thrall over his ‘We Come Together’ track, label boss Paul van Dyk has put the Tel Aviv-ians together with vocalist Sue McLaren for ‘Break The Spell’.

The ‘Spell’s overture comes loaded with long, held harmonic vocal sweeps, which develop the mellowest types of in-club drama. To that Las Salinas begin to apply symphonic string pressure and dramatic orchestral hits, priming the stage for Sue’s vocals. 

Immersed in elegiac pathos, she drafts both lament and lift into ‘Break This Spell’. Running the full emotional gauntlet, her lyrics bring it the same heartfelt spirit that turned tracks like ‘Sun After Heartbreak’ into modern club classics.

Adding to their evermore impressive canon (which has now come to include ‘Stone Pony’, ‘Chipsy Kings’, ‘Bada Bing’, ‘Nothing Lasts’ and ‘San Antoni’), Las Salinas are now ready to break hearts and charts with their most touching, brilliant production to date.

The ‘Spell’ is broken March 31st.




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