‘Just Say Yes’ to RaShaan Houston & Mr Egg Germ

'Just Say Yes' to RaShaan Houston & Mr Egg Germ

'Just Say Yes' to RaShaan Houston & Mr Egg GermThe Brothers reveal their second release from soulful Illinois talent, RaShaan Houston, adding some much needed warmth to our Winter playlists with a silky smooth love song titled  ‘Just Say Yes‘ featuring Chicago’s Mr Egg Germ. A downtempo urban groove underpins a funk fuelled soundtrack of warm keys, guitar and boogie bass, courtesy of Mr Egg Germ, whose high class musicianship compliments RaShaan’s seductive vocal. Also on the package are mixes from Italian group The Funklovers who take a four to the floor jazzy approach, injecting classy brass stabs and riveting key slaying. Swiss house maestro, Mirco Esposito, opts for sublime groove designed for the deep house palate, turning out a cool retro tinged beaut’ to savour on the dancefloor.

A gifted vocalist, songwriter, and live performer, RaShaan Houston has garnered much praise in dance music, combining equal parts gospel roots, jazz sensibility, 70’s soul and rock. In 1996, RaShaan began a long collaboration (6 years) with the Pound Boys/LAY Records, unleashing the 1998 anthem ‘The Right Way’ (LAY Records), followed by ‘Be With You’, ‘Shine’ and ‘Power’ and recently ‘Let Me Live’. Rashaan has recorded and performed with DJ Oji, Audiowhores, George Jackson, Ce Ce Peniston, Dave “RedSoul” Wareing, Sol4orce to name a few. He has opened shows for DJs such as Hex Hector, Farley Jackmaster Funk and Stacy Kidd, among others and is currently developing his newly formed live band, The Capital S Experience.

Chicago’s As Mr Egg Germ aka Gehrenbeckcombines his past and present into a melange best described as organic funk technology. He has released original tracks on Loveslap, ILI, D’lectable, Bass X, Esntion, Fourplay, and LAY. In addition, Rick has produced/performed on countless remixes (Patricia Barber, Jesse De La Pena, Uncle Milty, DJ Dealer, Gene Farris, Anthony Nicholson), composed and produced commercial music (McDonald’s, Walter E. Smithe), and composed and produced a film soundtrack.


The Funklovers group were born artistically in Turin in 2010 with Luca Lala, Fabrizio Munaò and Luciano Tarantino. They were later joined by Fabrizio (percussionist), Ciano (keys), Luca (Lukito DJ) and Massimiliano Caporale (DJ). In September 2011 they released their first EP titled ‘Deeper&Deeper’ (Spirit Sound Records) and they made their debut on The Brothers label with Meisha Moore ‘Neither One Of Us’. DJ Mirco Esposito is a familiar face in all the major clubs in Switzerland. As a producer he records as ‘Rawsoul’, ‘One Touch’ and ‘Souxsoul’. Mirco has helped write and produce ‘Warning You’ – Held & Esposito ft. Sybille (Purple Music) and ‘I Get Deep’ – DJ Le Roi (Deep Town) and his work for The Brothers includes remixes of Knee Deep’s Mysterious and RaShaan Houston’s ‘3 Days’.

Swiss duo The Brothers are Edoardo Carlucci and Franco Lenti aka DJ Franky Fresh are friends of old. In 2002 they set up a label and hosted parties to keep the house scene alive,. The Brothers label boast an array of premier house cuts from artists including Knee Deep, Bobby D’Ambrosio, Meisha Moore, Franky Fresh featuring the late Jim C, Jam P, Billie Brown, Soulfunktion, Mike La Funk and Nuutube feat. Melissa Lischer, with top notch remixers including Aaron Ross, Kort, The Funklovers, Richard Earnshaw and more! Aside of their own releases Edoardo remixes under ‘The Brothers’ moniker, having carved out some dance floor grooves on the Knee Deep Remixed series.  Check out The Brothers weekly radio show mixed by Franky Fresh and broadcast across stations worldwide:  http://www.thebrothers.ch/radio



1. Just Say Yes – Original Mix

2. Just Say Yes – The Funklovers Vocal Remix

3. Just Say Yes – The Funklovers Instrumental Remix

4. Just Say Yes – Mirco Esposito Remix

5. Just Say Yes – Mirco Esposito Instrumental Remix

‘Just Say Yes’ will be released on Traxsource promo February 5th / Full release on February 19th 2013 on The Brothers (CH).



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