Judge Jules is back with ‘Monte Carlo’

Judge Jules, photo: PR

Judge Jules, photo: PRHe’s back! Judge Jules is a man who needs no introduction (though we’re probably about to give him a quick one anyway!). Past master of everything from raves to the airwaves, he’s also a producer no stranger to VANDIT’s discography. Over the last few years’ tracks like ‘Collide’ (with Christina Novelli), ‘The Attack’, ‘Phenomenology’, ‘Fiber’ and others have all left crater-deep impressions on dancefloors. Of late the electronic music impresario has been back in the studio flash frying another speaker-reaper! ‘Monte Carlo’ finds the Judge at his most pure, driven and out-and-out trancey.    

 ‘Monte Carlo’ roars to life with echoing vocal harmonic loops, super-loud claps, toughened drums, stretched, delayed FX and chords & pads-laden highs. Quick drops, with just as fast kick-drum bring-backs, the track walks the cooler line between melodic bliss an uprocking euphoric!

A tune that have crowds on their toes from Amsterdam to Zanzibar and all points in between (yes, we’re thinking Monte Carlo!), this one’s got summer pathfinder written all over it.





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