Henke Wermelin and The Nightshift present The New Black is Blue

Henke Wermelin and The Nightshift present The New Black is Blue

Henke Wermelin and The Nightshift present The New Black is BlueHENKE WERMELIN & THE NIGHTSHIFT from Gothenburg, Sweden make their debut with the album The New Black Is Blue – a cavalcade of warm pop gems and fierce battle songs.

“The day after the right wing party won the swedish election  I sat with my guitar and was gonna record a fight song to put on Facebook for my friends – and that was the start for Eat Your Money” Wermelin explains. The title of the song is taken from this Eat Your Money.

“I think it’s fascinating, not to say funny, how 50% of the  people vote for a politic that concerns itself with making priviliges for a minority according to the principle of the majority having less. It’s like believing that everyone can win  in a pyramid game” says Wermelin.

In the beginning of the new milennium Wermelin moved from Sundsvall in the north of Sweden to Gothenburg in the south.

The Nightshift was formed in the end of the first decade and the constellation released a single which profits were donated to the swedish Cancer foundation Cancerfonden. The theme of  darkness and death haunts Wermelin as well on this release:

Despite a wealthy number of uptempo songs this is a rather gloomy and introspective record that deals with existence and  desillusion as well as hope. Its conclusion might be that even if you shelved your hope for this world you might still wanna describe and criticize it. I mean, I still wanna dance while
the ship is sinking” Wermelin projects.

Large parts of ’The New Black Is Blue’ was recorded by the members in the band. The work took longer than expected though and Wermelin had time to write yet another record!

“Yeah, se there’s yet another record just waiting to be recorded” Wermelin promises, “…but first we’re gonna play some shows this summer!”




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