Free download of “Eat your Money” by HENKE WERMELIN & NATTSKIFTET

Politics overrides everything by HENKE WERMELIN & NATTSKIFTET

The antagonistic song Eat Your Money is a slap in the face of the right wing Swedish government lead by Fredrik Reinfeldt. The video is a farse in honour of Benny Hill and makes fun of the ministers of Sweden including minister of foreign politics Carl Bildt and Jimmie Åkesson – the leader of the national socialist party in Sweden.

“The dark forces are gathering all over” Wermelin explains, “This song is about how 50% percent of the people voted  on right wing parties and thought they had something to gain from it. But the politics of the right wing gives benefits to only 10% of the voters. These are old facts but people tend to forget.”

“And don’t come and tell me that music and politics don’t mix” Wermelin points out. “It’s like saying sports and politics don’t mix as is heard now with Green-Tregaros statement on the Russian homophobic laws. Politics overrides everything! If you have the means to say something important it’s your goddamn duty to do that.”

HENKE WERMELIN & NATTSKIFTET released The New Black Is Blue in May which got a deal of attention in Sweden as well as abroad. The first single Dirt To the World were on rotation at several webradio stations and the band opened up for Monnone Alone (ex Lucksmiths) and Gary Olson (Ladybug Transistor) during the summer. The band will get back in the studio this winter to follow up their debut album!


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