Genix: All Good Things EP

Genix: All Good Things EP

Genix: All Good Things EP… ‘come to those that wait’, as that old maxim goes. But VANDIT say: ‘things get even better when you don’t have to!!’ In that spirit the Berlin’s sound merchants have pulled the ripcord on Genix’s spectacular new electronic music EP. Skydiving into stores today, the young middle Englander once again thwarts all attempts to pigeonhole his musical style with three tracks that deftly defy any easy categorization.

So open your mind… ‘cos only ‘Good Things’ await!

The EP sparks its flint with housed-up drum loops, coiled around swiftly releasing, speaker-baiting filters. Charging up the break with its hazily delayed and impossibly atmospheric piano lines, Genix doubles down, dropkicking a whopping funk-fried Mylo-esque synth riff on the cusp of ‘All Good’s peak.

Crunchy percussion, deep beats and LFO intensity are the primers for ‘Something New’. Diving off the high board, it submerges in oceanic melodics, before putting the throb back into prog at the bottom of the drop. Backed by its oblique male & female vox drifts, Genix begins to release the side-chain compressors, winding it back up into an immense sound shaft. Once heard, not soon forgotten!

Rounding out the ‘All Good Things EP’, ‘Tryfan’ is the EP’s more minimally minded play. Powered by a progressive tempo, linear grooves and hissing industrial FX, its backlit by lucent harmonics and casually buzzed distortion.


01: All Good Things
02: Something New
03: Tryfan

Out now through VANDIT – Pick Up Your Copy Here:
Check the ‘All Good Things EP’ out via VANDIT’s SoundCloud here:




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