Dyro releases Splice project file for ‘Against All Odds’

A bonafide future classic amongst the WOLV releases that have already scaled the upper regions of the Beatport charts, Dyro now offers up ‘Against All Odds’ project files for fans, exclusively with Splice.

Taking the Beatport Electro House rankings by storm, blazing in at #5, Splice and Dyro now partner up in offering fans the access to production stems, along with uncovering the inner-workings of Dyro’s production techniques, from kick drum compressions over to the track’s brutal layers of synth, this collaboration between Dyro and Splice reveals itself as the stepping stone in demystifying the studio secrets behind such a high-octane anthem.

By allowing fans to delve deeper into the constructions of this prodigy’s releases, both Splice and Dyro urge fans to experiment with the content available for both educational purposes – when bright talents dive into these assets for inspiration or guidance – over to straight-up entertainment, as a lucky view into what fuels this Dutch talent behind the mixing desk is finally unearthed, with the tools for potential remixes and exciting new experiments resulting in an industry-hyped collaboration, unlike any other so far in 2015…

Check out the Splice package of ‘Against All Odds’ now



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