Dyro launches new radioshow,‘WOLV RADIO’

178348One of the standout moments of Dyro last year was the arrival of his label WOLV, which immediately won accolades from the scenes tastemakers for a string of uncompromising releases, created to meet Dyros unique style. Now beginning to further expand the brand, Dyro is launching his new radioshow, WOLV Radio. It will serve as a one-stop shot of your bi-weekly dose of upfront club music, selected by the label boss himself.

As Dyro put it, ‘After almost two years of Daftastic radio it was time for a new chapter. I started my label WOLV records in 2014 and it was a logical step to in-corporate this with the new radio show, WOLV Radio. I just wanted to work with people that I felt were unique and who I respected creatively. I want to maintain this ethos with the radioshow as well.”

Dyro’s passion for the label is every present and his enthusiasm permeates throughout the WOLV family, back catalogue and label ethos, discovering the latest’s unheralded talent and giving them a platform to achieve their artistic ambitions, whilst maintaining an uncompromising approach to electronic music. Something articulated flawlessly with the latest release, Dyro X Loopers –Jack it up.

Expect Dyro to be joined for guest mixes by members of the WOLV pack. The first edition is due to be broadcast the 27^th of Feb, across 31 FM stations and over 38 countries across the globe. With a host of surprises planned for the initial show and his bag full of exclusive, future WOLV releases, this new show is one not to be missed. Make sure to tune in.



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