DJ ENME: Music is essential part of my life

DJ Enme: Music is essential part of my life

DJ Enme: Music is essential part of my lifeAfter the epic “Dubstep v Hip Hop MAYHEM”, that was held under the sturdy roof of the prestigious UK club Brixton Jamm (London), MIKA has the pleasure to meet again with DJ Enme.

Hello, DJ Enme! How are you feeling? Please do tell us something more about the man behind the music. What was the beginning for you? How did you choose music in first place?

I’m good, busy but good.  Music became a big part of my life through DJ-ing.  When I was a kid I always loved music. One of my earliest memories was being at my family’s usual big parties, standing next to speaker, hooked on bass.  Up to when I got to Secondary school I was into just normal commercial music not really underground,then started listening to Hip hop groups like De la Soul, Tribe Called Quest, NWA etc.  t was in my first year of Secondary School I was given a cassette tape, it was a recording from a jungle rave.  I remember listening to it thinking what kind of music is this?! Weird sounds, fast beats, reggae vocals and bass.  The track that stuck out in my mind was M-Beat “No Retreat No Surrender”.  From there I wanted to know more and one of my school friends just bought a deck and a standard turntable, so we spent the next year trying to mix (didn’t work too well) by the time I finished school I started to get more into mixing with help from some friends who had or could afford decks.

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