Roger Shah presents “Dance With Me”


Roger Shah feat. Inger Hansen: Dance With Me

German producer/DJ extraordinaire ROGER SHAH teams up with returning hit vocalist INGER HANSEN for this summer’s next installment of their successful collaboration series. Off ROGER SHAH’s new artist album ‘Openminded!?’, and with ‘Breaking Waves’ and ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ already under their belts, the duo have racked up over 15 million cumulative hits on YouTube.

The smooth and groovy bass line of the extended version of ‘Dance With Me’ instantly melts your heart at its core. The resounding foundation and melodic hook are deeply driven by the unwavering sound of the trademark Roger Shah Balearic guitar. Led by Inger Hansen’s powerful and unmistakable voice, ‘Dance With Me’ was designed to make you fall in love with the sound of music, over and over again. It’s hard to put the original extended version of this song into a genre. It’s a sexy love song fused with Balearic and festival-style rock influences.

In collaboration with artist agency, Talenthouse, Roger Shah hosted a “creative invite” for the international artist community to remix the original song. After a fierce competition, three finalists were each selected as winners and are featured with this release; including the sun-drenched Vinny remix, the housy Szilard Szargo remix and the deep and infectious Markus Engel remix. Also included are the edgy Tomas Heredia Remix and Dub mix as well as Roger Shah’s club rocking Pumpin’ Island Mix and Radio Video Edit.

Release Date: 7th May on all portals


Dance With Me (Extended Mix)

Dance With Me (Tomas Heredia Remix)

Dance With Me (Roger’s Pumpin’ Island Mix)

Dance With Me (Tomas Heredia Dub Mix)

Dance With Me (Szilard Szargo Remix)

Dance With Me (Vinny Remix)

Dance With Me (Markus Engel Remix)

Dance With Me (Radio Video Mix)



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