Curbi making his debut on Spinnin’ Records

SPDEEP Curbi - DischargeAs dance music tends to deliver younger bright stars every year, here’s a prodigy the world surely will be talking about. Curbi, entering the scene as a 16-year old producer early 2015, immediately sets the tone as he signs to world renowned dance imprint Spinnin’ Records. His first single couldn’t be more aptly titled, for ‘Discharge’ seems only the precursor of much more to come.

Surprisingly, Curbi isn’t really new to the game. Already making tunes for a couple of years, young Toby Curwen-Bingley from Essex, UK, has been practising his productional skills for a while now. Kicking it at a young age, he starts playing the drums when he’s seven years old, moving to electronic sounds a couple of years later.

“Drums weren’t enough for me”, he laughs. “I wanted to create complete compositions. So when I discovered dance music, I got myself a version of FL Studio and began to make my own tracks.”

Typical for a young age, Curbi initially is all over the place when it comes to music genres. “I listened to commercial, poppy stuff before moving to the more heavy, hardstyle influenced sounds. But once I discovered the housey things from DJs like Alesso, Martin Garrix and especially Oliver Heldens I knew what I wanted. Heldens’ single ‘Gecko’ has probably been my eye-opener, from that moment on I was determined to make my own house tracks.”

Curbi sets off to make his own version of the tunes he’s hearing. Not fixating on big room sounds but staying close to the groove, while adding his own qualities, his productions slowly start getting attention from a couple of DJs. With his self-confidence increasing, he starts thinking about approaching labels with his music.

“Back then, I’m writing stuff on my arm like ‘Curbi signed at Spinnin’ Records = dream come true”, the youngster admits. Not confident enough to send the Dutch imprint his music though, it’s one of his heroes Oliver Heldens who picks up one of Curbi’s tracks. The Spinnin’ signed artist introduces the label with ‘Discharge’ where it’s immediately picked out as a ‘fresh, new sound’.

“I’m shocked”, Curbi responds to his dream coming true.  As ‘Discharge’ is gearing up for an eventful presentation in March, it’s already getting support from several DJs, including Avicii, Pete Tong and Danny Howard, playing it on their radio show.

Signed to Dutch management agency MusicAllStars Management, where artists like Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens and Firebeatz also grew to fullblooded dance stars, the future for Curbi seems promising. Add to this his talent to create new, inspiring house vibes in a world where everything seems done already, and it looks like the newest dance protagonist will be coming from the UK.

“I’ve got loads of ideas for new music”, he says. ” I simply have to manage my time wisely now between DJ gigs, studio time and school. Yeah, busy days ahead, but I’m young enough to take my time for everything. Looking forward to the future!”




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