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Code: Color: “Studio 54”

Saturday night has always been that night, which we secretly dream about all week long. An evening, wrapped in the mysterious scent of an exquisite perfume, mysterious smiles and good humor. And a lot of music, of course.
When in 1996 the British band jamiroquai issued their third-studio album “Travelling without Moving” there was hardly someone who could imagine that Saturday night was possible. At least not then and there! But on October 15, 2011, exactly at 22:30, the rainy, cold autumn Sofia became a glamorous New York, in which nothing is impossible.

Mika‘s team was among the lucky ones who went “overseas” with stepping through the front doors of Club Studio 5 and enjoyed the luxurious and unique atmosphere of the cult nightclub Studio 54. There is hardly anyone left who hasn’t heard about the Manhattan club, which during the 90s became the throbbing heart of the global cultural and artistic elite. Namely there is the place where ideas and imagination find inspiration and give impetus to a number of cultural changes in the global view. So the night life is changed forever.
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