Chris Bekker & Chris Montana keep “Telling Tales”

"Telling Tales" by Chris Bekker & Chris Montana, photo PR

"Telling Tales" by Chris Bekker & Chris Montana, photo PRTogether, two guys called Chris have collaborated for their first co-op release for Germany’s VANDIT Records. As individual producers, the Berlin-based producers have worked on music for a number of frontline artists, Afrojack and Thomas Gold being but a couple. A means to a stylistic end, ‘Telling Tales’ sees them cumulatively reach musical pastures new.

With the release the pair collectively step out of their respective comfort zones to fuse a new sound, one that draws percentile inspirations from the fields of classic house, trance and the progressive. ‘Telling Tales’ synthesizes dramatic, striking orchestral hits, chiming organs & piano lines and zooming FX. Built around a dynamic trance-end tempo, it alternates between big emotional drops and floor elating lifts.

Accompanying the release of ‘Telling Tales’ comes its extraordinary, mesmerizing video for the single. Shot in Rome with only an iPhone, you can check its absorbing natural spectacle by clicking here: 



01: Telling Tales

Out now through VANDIT – Pick Up Your Copy Here:
Check ‘Telling Tales’ out via VANDIT’s SoundCloud here:



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