Ben Nicky feat. Chloe Stamp present ‘Brave Heart’

Ben Nicky, photo: PR

Ben Nicky, photo: PRIf there’s one thing that’s been missing around the VANDIT ramparts of late, it’s arguably a honest-to-goodness, laser raisin’, floor-blazin’ vocal trancer!! Step forward then Mr. Ben Nicky, to put an end to this unholy drought and floor-side get those collective vocal chords lifted. He’s gotten together with singer/songwriter talent Chloe Stamp to create the impossibly catchy, deliriously uplifting ‘Brave Heart’. 

Cut at full-blooded trance speed, the track beats a path to the floor with running b-lines, 808 drums and 303 acidics. Dropping into the break, Ben intros Chloe’s calling, siren-song harmonics, backed by pad & chord wash and lump-in-ya-throat pianos. With her heart-on-sleeve lyrics and angelic tones stamping their sear on the break, Ben hooks in its thunderbolt mainline and splits ‘Brave Heart’s atom!

Nano-genres, do-one. This is trance, served plain, straight and most uplifting!!


Out now through VANDIT – Pick Up Your Copy Here: XXX
Check ‘Brave Heart’ out via VANDIT’s SoundCloud here:



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