Alley Sin


RockNRoll with Аlley Sin!

Alley Sin is a band without an equivalent in Bulgaria. Alley Sin starting from scratch, and they quickly turn into a band that must be heard! And this can happen on 31/11/2011 in Rock Club Theatre 21 hours. Immediately after that, the fans in Thessaloniki and Athens can listen to Alley Sin live on respectively 4.11 and 11.05.2011. Nikki Riot (vocals), V.B. (guitar and backing vocals), Steff (bass), Van Cock (guitar) and Blago (drums) are ready to show you what is a quality rock and roll. MIKA talks with Emilian Shterev a.k.a VB.

The exclusive interview with the guys can be found [rokdownload menuitem=”108″ downloaditem=”9″ direct_download=”true”]here.[/rokdownload]



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