Alboratory present “Le Claw”

Smells like spring, it is getting warm and some fresh tracks are coming up via Alboratory. The holder of number 47 in the catalogue is Jamie Ward (England). Based in London, Jamie got a chance to get involved with the electronic scene early and became part of the music industry as an owner of the well-known label – Act Natural Records.

However, running a label is not enough for him, so he began releasing some quality music. Not a long time and his initial releases appeared on Kote Records and Innocent Music. Following the good start, the ambition of Jamie to release more music has increased.

Next stop of his producer’s route is an EP for Alboratory called “Le Claw” which consists of two original tracks accompanied by two remixes by Flystereo & Battric & MIVU. Both originals are within the deep/dub genre with some playful rhythm. “Le Claw” has an inner pumping feeling supported by a powerful thriving background.

The smooth bass line and hypnotising atmosphere are surrounded by perfect reverb synths. On another hand, Flystereo delivers deeper vibes in his remix of the original. The combination of background play and low hertz fragments brings the summer mood in itself. The second original track called “Stella and Dave” is warmer and deeper then first one but still keeps the dynamic vibe. Nice percussion section, well-balanced hi-hats and creepy background formed by reverb fragments are the result of that moody rhythm.

The second remix is coming by the Serbian duo – Battric & MIVU. The boys are going heavy and dubby with their own interpretation of “Stella & Dave”. Well-combined elements in low hertz section together with smooth bass line, delayed fragments and cuts float around the arrangement. In addition, vitreous hi-hat and the scamper clap section make that track a perfect warming weapon.


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