Addicted to Frappes!


Addicted to Frappes!

My husband and I are addicted to the Caramel and Mocha frappes from McDonald’s and when I realized we were buying one at least once a day, I decided to look online for homemade recipes.  I found one that I have been using for the past 4 weeks or so and love it!  It’s really easy to make, although my homemade version isn’t as sweet as McDonald’s, I am happy with the taste!

I barely made it 4 days without a homemade mocha frappe because we were out of vanilla almond milk.  I made myself my mocha frappe this afternoon and forgot how delicious it tastes!  I am not sure how much money we are saving by making it at home, but I do know that I can have one anytime I want without leaving home and I can have as many as I want!

If you are as addicted we are, I am posting the recipe below.

Caramel/Mocha Frappe Recipes


½ cup strong coffee (I use cold-brewed coffee concentrate-recipe follows)

½ cup milk (I use vanilla almond milk and it works fine, feel free to use any type of milk you have on hand)

1 Tbsp chocolate syrup for mocha frappe; Hershey’s caramel ice cream topping for caramel frappe

Optional: 2 tsp. sugar (you could probably omit this if you wanted, would save 15 calories)

1 cup ice cubes

*Put into blender and blend until smooth. Top with whipped cream and drizzle with syrup.

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate


1 Cup ground coffee

32 ounce container (1 quart)

Strainer, Large basket type coffee filters

*Place ground coffee in container, fill with cold water. Cover and let sit on kitchen counter for twelve to fifteen hours. Place strainer over large bowl and put coffee filter inside. Slowly pour over about half of the coffee and let sit until strained. Replace filter and repeat. Store coffee concentrate in fridge.

This coffee concentrate can be used in several coffee recipes that call for strong coffee, or mixed with equal parts water and heated to drink as regular coffee.



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