About us

MIKA is a Music and lifestyle community that started with an online magazine.  MIKA is the informational source that presents useful and entertaining articles and event details concerning  the urban lifestyle of the active people (age 18-40 years), who love music and prefer spending their spare time going out and having fun. 

And that is not all that MIKA does. MIKA also is a source of fresh hints for the everyday life by delivering various lifestyle advices and presenting different interesting people and ideas.

MIKA is distributed each month on the www.mikamagazine.com


The information in MIKA is organized in comprehensive and friendly way, wrapped in easy-to-preview compact format and design.

The focus in MIKA is set on the young talented and creative people that have interest in music. MIKA supports musicians, DJ artists, music promoters, artists and writers from various genres, giving them opportunity to be heard by a larger international audience.

MIKA features venues and clubs also by reporting and presenting different up-coming events and top-notch artists.

MIKA believes that music knows no borders.

MIKA’s ambition is to be able to connect musicians, DJs, venues, labels, agencies and listeners in a larger international scale.

MIKA is not influenced by the trend of the day and tries to stay objective on the matters presented.

The website

The MIKA website has a fully upgraded and dynamic design, that has an easy-to-use and intuitive navigation tools in order to be able to cover more information. Articles, interviews, news, up-coming events and hottest  clubs in town can be found on the site.. All that is presented in a non-judgmental, funny, informative, well-measured and respectful way.

We are digital because we care!

MIKA supports the Environment by going completely digital.

Growth and development

The first issue of MIKA was published on 1st April 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Due to the big interest and the many emails received from people from all over the world, the magazine started being released on two languages – Bulgarian and English.

In the middle of 2013 MIKA turns into an online community website.

For more information: info@mikamagazine.com



MIKA is a free guide into the vast world of music, cultural and entertainment events and places.